The Original Who’s Who in the Natural Hair Industry: The Master Pioneer Awards


The first Master Pioneer Awards ceremony was September 18th, 2011. Anita Hill Moses, a pioneer in the natural hair industry, herself decided to honor the people that have paved the way for this movement of natural hair that began in America for African-Americans. These pioneers have forged the path making it possible for thousands to establish careers and businesses in this now thriving industry. Also, they have opened opportunities for others to contribute to product research and development, education, certification and licensing, hair manufacturing etc…
This is the first ceremony that acknowledges and pays tribute to these trailblazers. This event is done biannually and the criteria is that you have at least 25 years experience in making an impact on the natural hair industry.

The Who’s Who of the industry are the first ten to be honored in 2011.

Amazon Smiley of Amazon Natural Essentials and maker of The Alli  from Chicago, IL
Tulani Kinard author of No Lye! The African America Woman’s Guide To Natural Hair Care from Brooklyn, NY
Diane Bailey of Tendrils, author of Natural Hair Care and Braiding, and the ambassador of Shea Moisture from Brooklyn, NY
Sheila Everett Hale of Everette’s Natural Beauty School from Detroit, MI
Nekena Evans author of Hairlocking: Everything You Need to Know African, Dread & Nubian Locks from Brooklyn, NY
Anu Prestonia of Khamit Kinks in Brooklyn, NY
Marion Council George of Designer Braids in Brooklyn, NY
Orin Sauders of Locks & Chops in New York, NY
Talia Wajid maker of Talia Waajid Natural Hair Care Products and founder of World Natural Hair Show from Atlanta, GA
Marci Walker of Madam Walker’s Braids, Lockery & School from Temple Hills, MD

Pioneers honored in 2013:

Carla Brown
of Beyond Braids from Bronx, NY
Ngone Sowe of Soween in Brooklyn, NY
Debra Hare Bey of Red Room Luxe Salon in Brooklyn, NY
Mishon Mishon of Mishon Natural Hair Artist in Brooklyn, NY
Adio Akil maker of Praises Products from Brooklyn, NY
Maria Thompson of Twist & Curves from West Hartford, CT
Cecilia Hinds of Uzuri Braids from Washington, DC

Pioneers honored in 2015:

Arlette Pender
of Hairloks by Arlette from Brooklyn, NY
Ayana Card of Kinkyrootz Salon from Poughkeepsie, NY
Black Rose
Glen Spence of De Lux Gallery in Brooklyn, NY
Kienna Johson of Chi Chi Sophistication Natural Hair Studio in Pittsburg, PA
Ray Smith of The Original Loc Soc in Richmond, VA
Shaqoura R. Bey of Sophisticated Loc Salon in Brooklyn, NY

Stay tuned for the next group of pioneers that will be honored in 2017…

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