Tonja LaRoyce – EVP of Operations / Director of Marketing


Tonja Laroyce is a licensed cosmetologist of 25 years. A great amount of those 25 years were spent as a hairstylist. As Tonja moved further into her career, she acquired a love for the art of cosmetics. “The art of make-up intrigued me.” Tonja wanted to know more about blending colors and creating illusions. Most of all, she wanted to know how to combine natural beauty (as we all have) with cosmetics and still look and feel naturally beautiful. After perfecting her craft, Tonja was afforded the opportunity to work as a make-up artist in the music industry. In this role, Tonja worked closely with the artist, preparing their make-up and hair for photo sessions and public appearances.

What Tonja hopes to accomplish, with the readers of Urban Muse, is the creation of a relationship between face and make-up. Tonja plans to share her experiences and knowledge of make-up artistry. We all look in the mirror and wish that we can change our imperfection. But they’re not our imperfections, they are our challenges. And with the right application of colors, tones, and contouring, we can outsmart those challenges. “So I challenge you to join me in the Face-Off.”  ~ Tonja Laroyce


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