Sharron Miles Gilty and David Gilty- Fashion Forward Contributors


Someone once said, “If Fashion is a Crime I plead guilty” hence the last name of David and Sharron Gilty. They truly have taken on that mantra when they are seen at an event, their salon, or just simply out and about. People who truly know of or are familiar with the couple know that they are always drama filled with their attire.   They believe in their own authentic style being the most important element of their everyday look and somewhat influenced by fashion. They opened The Abyss Salon in May 2004 in which they are both hairstylists. They remain the only original business owners on their block in the South Loop area of Chicago.

Sharron Gilty has been interested in hair and fashion since a little girl.

A year ago she went on to become a Certified Style Coach™ with the International Style Coaching Association. She has a love for shopping retail but her true love is thrift/vintage store shopping. She is best known for finding the most unique garments that allow her to “stand out” from the crowd. She also has a gift for being able to find bargains while shopping online and in stores. She uses this gift by sharing with the world how to “Dress Chic but keep it Cheap(er).” She continues to build her business and is working on designing her own line of creative neck designs that include but is not limited to her inspiration of the “secretary” (i.e. bow) blouse.

David Gilty has always been the “guy” in his circle to “stand out”. Somehow he seems to always live light years ahead of the fashion curve. David has a love for hair, fashion, and is now growing a big following in the travel business. David and Sharron Gilty are two people that cherish and love beauty and fashion. Although they will give you tips on some of the latest styles and trends, they will be taking a more in-depth look at fashion and how to create your own authentic style and assist you in finding yourself in the “world of fashion”. Fashion for the Gilty’s come quite naturally. Follow the Gilty’s on a creative yet demure look at fashion and how to,“stand out” in your own crowd.

“Fashion is a way to say who you are without having to speak”.  Rachel Zoe


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