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Alisha Carter, Founder & Owner of Ali MBS Inc. (Mind, Body & Soul) and What’s ‘IN’ my Mind, Body & Soul blog. Founder / Owner / Handcrafter of Zoetic Essentials: Natural, Holistic Beauty & Bath Line and Radio show Co-host for Jazz and Stuff Radio in Dallas.

She is a native of Illinois, and now resides in Mesquite (Dallas), TX. Alisha is a dedicated mother and grandmother. She has 20+ years in the IT Digital Marketing & Big Data Industry and currently manages a team supporting Fortune 500 retail brands.

Alisha practices holistic philosophy and therefore created Ali MBS as a platform focusing on inspiring a health conscious lifestyle inside and out. Zoetic Essentials’ holistic, natural beauty and bath line is one component of this lifestyle. One long term goal is to develop relationships in the direct and/or fair trade market to promote sustainably produced products in our communities both near and far.

Alisha is an outdoor enthusiast with a passion for health/wellness. She leads hiking & biking groups and local farmers market and grocery shop-n-learn excursions in the DFW area. She also provides Financial Diet plan tips and DIY tutorials (from gardening to laying laminate flooring and everything in between).

Alisha is action Ms. Jackson….You can find her dabbling in a number of different things. She is currently on a coed flag football team and she runs 5K’s occasionally. She volunteers with Reading Partners in Dallas ISD, the Salvation Army and various other community volunteer programs. Alisha has recently jumped into the entertainment industry, and is now a radio co-host on Jazz and Stuff Radio via Tha Afterparty Radio Station in Dallas.

Finally, Alisha has her sights set on exploring the far reaches of the world and adding travel writer to her resume. She has traveled and explored the culture of different places including Paris, Ocho Rios, Rome, Milan, Belize, Honduras, Mexico and various parts of the United States.

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