The Male Fashion Explosion


Do you ever wonder when you see fashionable men how they create and always maintain a fashionable look? The Italy, London, and NY Fashion weeks always give me inspiration for men and women fashion. However, if you don’t follow fashion you may not especially be interested in following fashion weeks of the world. It’s totally fine but I especially noticed this past month that there was big hype for the Mens Fashion Week in the European Markets listed above. Because fashion is our passion this month is devoted to giving our mens audience a bit of inspiration from this man, David Lemar Gilty who happens to be the sharpest man that I know.

Same Suit 2 Ways

Dressier, for meetings, dinner at an high end restaurant or even for a wedding.
Since David is more creative and runs his own business he is a little more flexible with
his style of dress for meetings. He adds his creative flair but still keeps it


Casual, wear this same look and add a scarf, a hat, glasses and more casual shoes will give
this look an edgier feel but still very fashionable.


Block Coloring

Use this technique of choosing garments (ties, shirts, blazers, shoes, slacks,etc) that are of totally different colors to create a look that allows you to “stand out” without your entire look “matching” completely.


Keeping it Casual

A casual look doesn’t always have to involve wearing jeans and timberlands. Switch it up and add a casual shoe with your shorts instead of gym shoes or Timberlands.(ughhh) Nothing against Tims but come on guys lets take your look to the next level!




Whatever your style personality is keep your looks fresh, unique, and always update your style every year! Hope that this gives you some inspiration for you the next time you go into your closet and “get dressed“.

Dressing well is a form of good manners.

Tom Ford

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