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A few days ago, I embarked on a trip to Atlanta, GA. While the trip was predominantly business I was in awe of the extraordinary success and convenience of uber. Yes, my friends I have now mastered the art of ubering. While spending a week in Atlanta, I was summoned every night by some ubertastic friends who live in the city. Each night was a surprise and they managed to impress upon this Texas Southern girl, some Georgia down home fun, which included an excess of uber rides and cocktails. An Atlanta gem, Poor Calvin’s restaurant is a farm to table cuisine that everyone should experience. Can you believe that the Duck Dynasty entrée is served in two categories regular and gluten-free, hallelujah! My beautiful companion has a wheat allergy and lucky for her Poor Calvin became our best friend for the evening. Everything on the menu was exquisite, and I can’t say enough about the lobster mac ‘n’ cheese appetizer except, upon the food entering my mouth I had an orgasm at the table. But I digress; I was under the impression that nothing could compare to the great meal I just consumed until I met the Hennessey Grape Smash. A divine muddle of huge blue hued, globe grapes and brown sugar shaken, not stirred with a generous amount of Hennessey Cognac. This exquisite cocktail turned my sexy evening into a sultry, tawdry and altogether yummy affair with Atlanta. After about three of these we questioned why anyone on the planet had to work the next day.

Hennessey Grape Smash

Hennessey Grape Smash


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