Soul Sisters Radio

“Soul Sisters’Radio”: Hosted by the daughters of soul legends Millie Jackson, James Brown and Isaac Hayes


Keisha Jackson, Dr. Yamma Brown, and Heather Hayes, the daughters of three iconic soul entertainers, have come together to host a radio show on Dash Radio.  The sisters came together as a result of Isaac Hayes III, Heather’s brother, asking them if they were interested in this great opportunity.  With the ladies already being familiar with each other, they all agreed.  They have a lot in common and have a unique outlook on soul music, being the daughters of ultra-famous soul entertainers.

On the show, the ladies discuss various topics including current events, health, racism, sexism, parenting, and personal stories.  Using the “sitting on the couch or in the kitchen” conversational style, the conversations flow naturally.  Having different upbringings result in a topic being tackled from various angles, but uniquely from a black woman’s perspective.  Of course they play music, but they aren’t interested in playing newer music from the 90’s or 2000’s. They primarily play music that pay homage to their parents.  They go as far as the mid 80s.  At the present time, the show is exclusively produced with in-house content, but soon they plan to include interviews and call-ins.

According to the Dash Radio website:

Keisha Jackson is a career vocalist, vocal coach, and the daughter of legendary soul singer, Millie Jackson.  She has traveled the globe as a support vocalist for Angie Stone, Johnny Gill, Erykah Badu, and world-renown rap duo Outkast for 15+ years…and still records and performs her own music on the Soul Music circuit.  She’s bold, she’s opinionated! You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @KeishaJackson

Yamma Brown is the daughter of James Brown, the Godfather of Soul.  As an author, producer and doctor, she has a diverse background and a passion for music. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @DaughterOfSoul

Heather Hayes, the daughter of late great music legend Isaac Hayes, is a singer, songwriter, and all around entertainer.  She has graced the stage with some of music’s greats like Michael Jackson, James Brown, and Beyonce´.  Her top rated corporate band “The Heather Hayes Experience” travels the country as she continues the legacy in her blood.  You can follow her on Instagram @HeatherHayes

Dash Radio, is the biggest original digital radio broadcasting platform in the world. Streaming live 24/7, Dash Radio features the biggest DJ’s, personalities, and curators in the world on 60+ original & exclusive stations in every genre.  You can download the free app on your phone.

“Soul Sisters radio”, part of the Pure Soul Power station by Isaac Hayes, airs every Thursday from 4-6 pm CST.   

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