…so, let’s eat!


The Pacific Dining Car Restaurant, with locations in both downtown Los Angeles and Santa Monica, is one of the oldest steak houses in Los Angeles. It was born in a railway train car parked on a lot in downtown Los Angeles in 1921. My first experience at the restaurant was late one Friday evening in Santa Monica. Since the restaurant is open all night, 24 hours a day to be exact, my dining companion and I opted for a full-service experience versus the drive-thru. I wanted to eat a full meal, but not too heavy at that hour, so I opted for the Duck Confit Salad with a glass (or bottle) of my favorite wine, Barolo. To this day, when I drive past the restaurant, I can just imagine that meal all over again! I’ve had duck confit before and it was just okay, but the combination of the PDC’s duck, salad greens and vinaigrette, was nothing short of amazing. It made my palate very happy! My friend ordered the Cowboy Steak and was as happy to see that very large steak as he would have been watching a sports program. When it arrived at the table, we looked at it, then at each other and immediately started singing the theme song to the Flintstones’. Yes friends, it was a ‘brontosaurus’ sized cut! The bone was a nice treat for my two tiny dogs, they enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed the meat at the restaurant. Oh, I forgot to mention, that I did enjoy a bite or three of that yummy medium-rare, cooked to perfection steak! My next visit to the Pacific Dining Car in Santa Monica was for the ‘Afternoon Tea’. I’m quite sure that I wasn’t the first to switch it up a bit at tea, by having the champagne with my sandwiches and the sherry poured into my Egyptian Chamomile tea to enjoy along with the petit fours. That was definitely a giggle-filled afternoon treat. A great time was had by me and my ‘mature’ hat wearing, teetotaler or rather – quasi teetotaler (with sherry added), friends! Napkins down, forks up…..so, let’s eat!

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