…so, let’s eat!


Robert Kerr founded the Fritto Misto Italian Neighborhood Cafes (Santa Monica and Hermosa Beach), on the principles that everyone needs recognition, that everyone deserves to be valued as an individual and made to feel welcome, that everyone appreciates high quality at reasonable prices, and that no one wants to leave a restaurant feeling hungry after eating “nouveau” portions. We also believe that Italian food is best when served with wine, and that you shouldn’t have to pay $50 for a bottle of wine that you can buy at Vons’s for $15.

We believe our success depends on three things:
VALUE: Fresh, high quality food, large quantities, reasonable prices
CONSISTENCY: same quality, same portion size, both restaurants, all the time, year after year
RECOGNITION: literally recognizing our regular guests, what they like, who they are, hopefully their names; treating everyone with respect and kindness; treating everyone equally (sorry celebrities, you will be well treated, EXACTLY as everyone else)!

 What a great experience we had at Fritto Misto in Santa Monica, they really do practice what they preach! We were treated with dignity and respect and not for nothing, the food is really, really delicious!

I went there recently with a ‘special someone’, it was an amazing ending to a fantastic day! We started with a delicious bottle of dry Rose’ to go along with our appetizer. You simply must have the signature appetizer when you visit, the Fritto Misto is absolutely scrumptious! Fried shrimp, calamari, artichoke hearts and other vegetables with fresh lemon and a roasted garlic dipping sauce, it can be a meal on its own!


We also shared a classic Caesar Salad and then for our meal, he ordered the Chicken Marsala and a side of roasted fresh vegetables (he also ate nearly half of my plate), I had the Garlic Shrimp with Black and White Pasta. While I’ve had ‘Black Pasta’ or squid ink pasta at many restaurants here in the US, this dish reminded me of the very first time I had it over 20 years ago in a tiny family owned Trattoria in Venice, Italy near the base of the Rialto Bridge. It was just the right amount of squid ink and shrimp to make the pasta taste like it was whipped up by Poseidon himself!


Of course the bottle of Rose’ went well with the appetizer and a bite or two of our meal, so we ordered another one! To end this delightful fare, we selected the Lemon Bar for dessert. It was just the right mix of tart and sweet, a perfect pairing for our dry Rose’.


So the scene is set, the ambiance couldn’t be more perfect, the meal deciding is complete and the appetizer has just been placed on the table. There’s only one thing left to say, ‘napkins down, lemon wedges up….so, let’s eat!’



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