…so, let’s eat!



A Classic Restaurant

Geoffrey’s in Malibu opened its doors in 1948, and immediately established itself as the ultimate destination, hosting the gods and goddesses of its day, including Frank Sinatra, Shirley MacLaine, Lana Turner, a then-unknown senator from Massachusetts by the name of John F. Kennedy and Hollywood legend Marilyn Monroe. Certainly, a classic restaurant had been born.

There are restaurants that you really like and then there are restaurants that you absolutely LOVE; for me, its Geoffrey’s in Malibu! This place is wonderful whether dining alone, with a special friend or attending an event. I’ve had a few meals here over the years, for an engagement party, brunch with the girls and even just recently for a sunset dinner with a special friend. Whether it’s lunch, dinner or weekend brunch, Geoffrey’s does not disappoint! When dining with a group, we try to always get a few things at brunch, so that we can all taste as many items from the menu as possible. I really, really like the Scotch Benedict, the smoked salmon is so yummy on the croissant with the hollandaise and rosemary potatoes. The shiitake omelette and challah French toast are also very delicious and they usually make their way onto our table during brunch. The salads are such a big hit here, that they are on the brunch menu as well. One of my favorite salads on the planet is made right here at Geoffrey’s, the Maine Lobster Cobb Salad! I don’t know what makes me happier, the full one pound of lobster that they add or the delicious crispy bacon, or it may even be the honey Dijon vinaigrette! Whatever it is that they are doing to and for this salad…it just works! Everyone that I bring here for lunch just raves about the salad and for good reason, it is just that delicious! Let me share with you my favorite dessert before letting you know about the best dinner date that I had there recently. They have great sweet options as well as a yummy cheese board to choose from, but I just can’t get enough of the Maple Blueberry Cheesecake! I’m salivating now just thinking about that creamy delight. You simply must make room for this dessert, if not, please order it to go, you WILL NOT regret it!

I visited Geoffrey’s recently with a ‘special’ friend who was surprised that I drove up to Malibu to dine alone. I assured him that the combination of the view and the lobster cobb salad, worked well to get my creative juices flowing. And, the fact that I’m only a 30 minute drive from Malibu, it was a no-brainer for me! Our dinner was reminiscent of my brunch visits with friends, we ordered a bevy of items to taste and of course ended up with great takeout bags for the pooches! I started with the red pepper and goat cheese bisque, we shared the poached baby Bartlett pear salad and my friend had the Tahitian corn chowder, which was quite yummy. Next came the pan seared Chilean sea bass that I’ve been craving for a few weeks, the friend ordered an item that I hadn’t tried but really wanted to, the Kobe Wagyu New York Steak with parmesan French fries. I can’t begin to tell you how totally quiet our table was because of the delicious food, we simply could not talk! After about 3 minutes, we looked at each other and burst into laughter. The plate sharing started and of course we had to pause for a few minutes to enjoy this site while he held my hand (it was so sugary sweet that I nearly declined dessert….nearly, LOL!)


After long, our desserts and cheese plates arrived with our champagne…well, dessert forks up, champagne flutes down…so, let’s eat!

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