…so, let’s eat!


Over 20 years ago, three young entrepreneurs with a passion for food and a desire to make customers happy, came together with a simple idea: serve fresh, high quality, eclectic California inspired food for busy Angelenos. They would cook for those too busy to cook. In 1990 the original Marmalade Cafe opened on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica. Marmalade has 9 locations in Southern California, including Santa Barbara.  


I have a standing restaurant and shopping date with my sophisticated ‘mature’ girlfriends, so on this particular Sunday, I donned the chauffeur’s cap, picked them all up and we headed to The Grove (outdoor mall) to have brunch at the Los Angeles location of the Marmalade Cafe. A good time is always had when I hang out with these dear ladies and you can believe that there will be tons of great stories, marital advice, sharing recipes, lots of laughs, a table full of liquor and occasionally – a ‘partial’, neatly wrapped in a napkin! J I’ve visited Marmalade on a few occasions, but visits are always extra special with my friends and they didn’t hold back on ordering the liquor (they do credit their longevity and great skin to many good drinks)! It was brunch, so of course we had to have a carafe of their Classic Bloody Mary and a carafe of Peach Bellini’s on the table and they were really delicious and went quite well with our meals. On occasion, Marmalade offers a crab cake eggs benedict, but it wasn’t available on this day, however, I did enjoy their signature Smoked Salmon Benedict and it was just as delicious as ever! One of the ladies had the Bacon, Cheddar & Arugula Grits and Eggs, another had their Char-Grilled Steak & Eggs and the other had the Salmon, Kale & Wild Rice Hash and we all tasted everything on the table and shared the uber-decadent Pineapple Upside Down Pancake with Salted Caramel Butter. As many times as I’ve frequented Marmalade, I’ve never had the Pineapple Upside Down Pancake, but I will start having it from now on! It was the perfect balance of sweet and salty and we devoured it along with all of the liquor. And yes, we ordered more liquor. The meals NEVER disappoint at the Marmalade Cafe and our goal is to visit each of the locations in Southern California, our next trip will be to the one in Santa Barbara! These senior gal-pals make every time we get together a memorable and fun event! Now, since our meals are here, there’s only one thing left to say – napkins on lap, drinks down, forks up…, let’s eat!


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