…so, let’s eat!


Shaka Shack Burgers in Santa Monica, CA is a hidden gem of a burger joint. THE MEANING OF ‘SHAKA’ – The SHAKA is a sign used by Hawaiian locals to convey the, ‘aloha spirit’, it’s a gesture of friendship and understanding between cultures.  It can also mean, ‘all right’, ‘cool’, ‘hang loose’, ‘howzit brah?’, ‘hello’, ‘goodbye’, and ‘mahalo’.  In sign language it is one of two signs used to refer to surfing. Shaka On! ….and ‘Shaka On’ we did! So, I have a new personal trainer of sorts and in addition to a strenuous workout plan, he gave me some really good suggestions for meatless meals with varied protein options. At the end of our second session, he said that he wanted to grab a bite to eat, so we stopped at Shaka Shack. By the way, this dangerous restaurant is 5 blocks from where I live, however, I can walk there and back if necessary, to undue any damage from their french fries! J At any rate, he suggested that I have either the mushroom burger, the bean burger or the Samoan Salmon burger, all while he ordered the ½ pound Kobe burger. I politely rolled my eyes at him and ordered the turkey burger, he then upped the ante by next ordering the french fries with white truffle salt. I rolled my eyes yet again and ordered the sweet potato fries with the maui dust seasoning (a sweet & spicy mix). We sat and sampled the Island Punch and onion rings until our order was ready. Let me just say that I do everything in my power, even if it means driving 5 blocks in the other direction, so that I won’t park and go into the Shaka Shack! As the food was brought out to our table, we looked at each item as they placed it on the table and our eyes and mouths got wider and wider. Almost at the same time, we both said that my revised nutrition plan would start the next day. I just had to have a bite or four of his Kobe burger and it was so worth it, and then it happened, I ate one truffle french fry and nearly passed out. IT WAS SO GOOD! While I don’t mind sharing this yummy restaurant with you all, I really want to keep all of this deliciousness to myself! My turkey burger was outstanding and the special sauce put it right over the top and the sweet potato fries are going to get me in major trouble! Well, since the food is on the table, so there’s only one thing left to say, plenty of napkins ready, no forks needed…, let’s eat!

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