…so, let’s eat!


I so do enjoy fine dining and every now and then, there comes along a restaurant that I just have to try. Scarpetta in the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA, is one such restaurant! I thought that I was going to have to take a trip back to the east coast to try celebrity chef Scott Conant’s premiere fine Italian dining eatery Scarpetta in New York City. That is until I learned last year that the Montage Hotel is the Los Angeles home for his very delicious Italian fare! This was a rather special and rare weeknight date that we had, on a Tuesday to be exact, and the meal was well worth the fact that I overslept big time on Wednesday morning. I was certain of three things before coming here, #1. I would have the Burrata if it was offered for the primi piatti (appetizer), #2. I was definitely having Scott’s famous Tomato & Basil Pasta (everyone has spoken so highly about it), finally #3. It’s an Italian restaurant, so no need to question if whether or not the bar was well stocked with my favorite wine – Barolo! This meal was reminiscent of one that I had on one of my trips to Italy, it was a very scrumptious yet simple meal in a sweet little Trattoria in Florence, but I digress. The Burrata was smoked and served with an English pea pesto and pistachios, a very well put together combination of good taste and texture. The wine of course was unparalleled, but the pasta was more delicious than I could have imagined, yet so simple. My friend, the typical meat and potatoes type of man, had the short ribs and risotto for his primi piatti and then the biggest veal chop that I’ve ever seen for his piatti. I’m sure that you can guess I had a fork or three of that outstandingly yummy chop and the bone came home with me for my little furry friends. ‘He’ said that he was glad that I ordered the pasta, he should have been, and he ate most of it! As full as I was, I just had to make room for dessert because the marsala zabaglione and peach buttermilk sorbet was screaming my name! Of course, I had two forks of his very decadent chocolate cake and oh my, I almost attacked his plate. I was a very happy, smiling and full woman after that delicious meal. It was only rivaled by the great conversation and wonderful dining companion (collective ‘awww’). There’s only one thing left to say….always full wine glasses down, napkins in lap, forks up…, let’s eat!

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