…so, let’s eat!


The Boiling Crab….oh my, where do I begin? You may think that with 12 locations in 3 states (California, Nevada and Texas), this very tasty restaurant is probably like the other well-known seafood chains. Well my friends, let me tell you that The Boiling Crab is definitely doing it their way! While they have the standard raw oysters and fried seafood selection, the boiling option does not disappoint! As I went through the menu to decide on the choices for my boiling pot, I was reminded of my time living in the Carolinas and getting together with friends for an authentic low-country boil….ah, but I digress! What sets The Boiling Crab apart from other similar restaurants is their flavor and spice options; from the Rajun Cajun to a combination of all 3 flavors; to the spices, starting with ‘Plain n’ Simple’ (non spicy) and “It’s getting HOT n’ here’ (medium) to ( XXX) or ‘I can’t feel my mouth!’ My first experience at TBC was take out from the Koreatown location in Los Angeles, CA. It was so delicious, that I had to make sure that it was just as yummy if I dined in the restaurant. Well, the evening was planned as just dinner with a ‘friend’. That changed quickly as his friend was in town on business and wanted to join us with his wife. They joined us about a half an hour or so after we arrived. I was neither prepared for nor wanted to do the double-date, however, that quickly changed when they arrived. My friend dubbed his pals wife as the ‘Contessa’. We looked at each other and laughed, not only was she way overdressed for the restaurant, she was in all white and this was an ‘eat with your fingers experience’.   We started with a basket of fried catfish and chicken fingers along with sweet potato and lemon pepper fries. The Contessa quickly loosened up and decided that she was going to really have fun! The restaurant gives long plastic bibs and even rubber gloves if necessary, of course the Contessa asked for gloves, but quickly decided to ‘dig in’ to the meal, by ditching the gloves and licking her fingers throughout the evening! The delicious ‘boil’ was brought to our table in plastic bags and given to us per our choices. We quickly decided to join in the family style fun and the bags were emptied onto the center of the table, thus giving true meaning to ‘spread’.


The picture is similar to how neat and tidy our table was at the beginning, but at the end of the meal….not so much! After quickly giving thanks for the bounty from the sea, we all looked at each other and I believe, not one more word was uttered for at least 30 minutes. Our waiter returned and before he could say anything, we all gave him each two flavor and spice soaked thumbs up! Anticipating that we were going to have to wipe our mouths and hands after each bite, I asked for another roll of paper towels, the waiter laughed and said, ‘that’s always my first request’! We ended up having a great double-date evening and even made plans to meet again on another foodie adventure the next time they are in town….stay tuned! So began my love for all things ‘The Boiling Crab’! I’ve actually taken a few ‘out-of-towners’ here and they were all very satisfied! If you’re ever in California, Nevada or Texas, please try to visit one of their yummy locations, you won’t regret it! Long plastic bibs on, paper towels in lap, lemon wedges at the ready, no forks necessary…, let’s eat!


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