Silence is Golden

Silence is Golden…..


Hear me ROAR!!!!….. or NOT…
We’ve heard all the cliches or coined phrases:
“Everything we think…. does not need to be said”
“Exercise your right to know when not to speak” ~Ali
“There is a time and place…”

Why do we talk?  Is it to communicate our thoughts & ideas or is it to simply hear ourselves talk?

Have you ever been in conversation with someone and they are saying something to you and you have a response before they even finish speaking? (hand raised!!)

Let’s think about that quickly…. Now most of us are not proclaimed debaters, where having a ready made rebuttal is required, but we are ready anyway… We have rehearsed our response in our minds, sequenced how we will respond and how that person will respond etc… (all while someone is talking to us).  Most times we are so eager to respond we don’t really hear what the other person is saying.  We get so caught up in getting our point out that many times we miss critical information or the feeling tied to what is being shared.  Sometimes we even miss the opportunity to gain knowledge because “we already know what someone is going to say”.

Let me first say, that exchange is not a conversation with someone, that is a conversation with yourself.

Every opportunity we miss to learn something, or hear something from another perspective, is a loss because we are not allowing ourselves to grow through the “actual process”.

So why is Silence GOLDEN???

Sometimes it is so critical to remain silent because most times the most important thing said…is not even spoken.  We speak through our body language, energy and actions.  Sometimes silence gives us enough time to LISTEN and possibly reflect…quietly. 🙂

While this would be really nice, we are not in the movie Groundhog Day or Momentum where we can go back and get a do over, over and over again.  Once we say something, it is out there.  It can not be taken back.  And further, if it was stated in haste, we then spend so much time and energy trying to apologize, fix it or we dwell in sorrow for not thinking first.

In a debate, having a quick relevant rebuttal shows preparedness, strength, knowledge, tenacity and can easily result in a WIN….

But in the real world winning isn’t always about having the first answer.  Sometimes winning is actually coming in last with a verbal response or no response at all.  (I know about this first hand.)

So whenever you get that prickly feeling in your armpit or feel anxious, your stomach is doing flip flops or you are just fuming!!  STOP!! and sit in Silence….

Phillipians 4:6 ~Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. (and as you present your requests to God…. wait in Silence ) 🙂

Whatever is causing the anxiety or need to blurt out our thoughts, may be made more clear when we step away and are not so compelled to respond like a first chair debater.

…and who knows… maybe in that time of silence, we learn something about ourselves and the experience is the Golden…..

~Ali MBS

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