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Who owns Who?
It is amazing to me how some people are so IN LOVE with certain cosmetic lines but really do not realize there are only a few manufacturers that make cosmetics. This article is to let you know who owns who. There are only a few Big Wigs in this industry so everything is about $$$$$$$$ and marketing. You think you are buying one thing and maybe you’re not.  Again, who owns who?  I understand when you say, “I don’t like one line of cosmetics”; however, in fact, you are probably still supporting the one cosmetic line you don’t like without your knowledge. This article is not to knock you over the head and upset or bust your bubble.  It’s merely provided to make you a more knowledgeable consumer.

So let’s go!!!!!! The GODMOTHER/GRANDMOTHER of them all is Estee Lauder. Yes, Estee loves to gobble up all the competition so let me just tell you who she owns, which is about 30 other cosmetic companies. I will list only a few and its always better when you do your own research to see for yourself.

Bobbie Brown, Ha yes Bobbie Brown
Donna Karan
Jo Malone
Mac…..I know this is hard for some but yes MAC !
Michael Kors…This one is also difficult for some.
Lab Series (Men’s skincare)
Sean John Fragrances…she only bought his fragrance line.
Tom Ford…Yes really, he is not a scientist or chemist. He gained international fame for being a creative director for Gucci and helped to turn the company around and after all of his hard work at Gucci he then created his label, Tom Ford.
Tommy Hilfiger

Ambi Skincare

L’OREAL (Partly owned by Nestle):
L’Oreal Paris
L’Oreal Professional
Ralph Lauren
Softsheen Carson
The Body Shop

Again, there are so many others.  Why is this important?  Everyone should know where their money is going.  You have the right to know who owns who and what you are buying.  Although I have worked for several major cosmetic lines for decades, and have many colleagues in the industry for whom this is common knowledge, but for those who are not in the cosmetics industry or less knowledgeable artist, this is public information most people don’t know.  Most of the products have the same active ingredients (NOT ALL BUT SOME) including the less expensive products. Why are some products more expensive in the mall?  You are paying for the store overhead, marketing, educating the employees and the ability to actually speak with someone.  You can smell, feel and touch the products while enjoying a 100% return policy if the products do not work for you. You can always exchange or return the product with no hassle which can sometimes be well worth the extra cost.  In lower end retailers you usually have to look through the products and take a guess as to whether the color, texture or smell matches your needs.

So the next time you’re in the market for cosmetics, you’ll not only be armed with the knowledge of who owns the product line you’re buying, you’ll also have a better understanding of the logic behind the pricing.


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