Purposely You ~Ali

Purposely You!!!


If I were to take a poll and ask my friends, family, colleagues or even myself, if we are happy in our current situation; be it work, relationships, life etc… I would venture to bet the response would be a resounding NO!!!

So why is that? Why are more people unhappy where they currently are in life? Wishing they were doing something else…day dreaming about another life entirely?….because we are not living in our purpose.

….Each of us is uniquely designed to be a master at something…. ~Ali

I believe the true quest in life is not about the 2-story house or condo, the white picket fence, the corporate job in the high-rise building on Michigan Ave. or the luxury car (ie. Bugatti). I believe our REAL QUEST is in our PURPOSE! and not purpose that is laced in greed and competition, but purpose that’s defined by our very character.  The purpose that allows us to grow and explore with no boundaries.

Most ask, “How do I know what my purpose is”?  Even I have asked myself this very same question.  I think we discover this as we grow and experience life.  It can happen when we are infants or later in life.  Sometimes we are born with an ability, a gift that we can not shake and other times it is not that obvious.

The definition of Purpose is “..the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.” ~Google dictionary definition

How profound is that? … “the reason for which something is done or CREATED….”

To uncover your purpose you must tune into yourself.  Tune into what makes you who you are without even trying.  The you that bursts at the seams.  The you that can not be stifled….The you that has no playbook…Purposely You!

Our purpose is typically wrapped up in an idea or thing we are passionate about and at times we don’t even know we are passionate about something until an event occurs that brings that passion to the surface.  This is why it is important to be in tune with ourselves, not others, just ourselves.  We all have a purpose, but unfortunately some will never be free to experience it because we are not paying attention or we are living in someone else’s purpose, someone else’s dream.  We are taught so much about what happiness is that we don’t know what it is not… and that is… anything outside of oneself.

So get out there, experience LIFE and while you do…discover who you are. Who you are Uniquely Designed to be and live your life around that very purpose.




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