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Press On!


The moment you consider pushing the launch of something back because the load of everything else is so heavy then you realize that’s just fear rearing its ugly head to get you away from your real focus~Ali

You wake up in the morning, look around the room while your eyes attempt to adjust to the light. Sleepily you look at the time and as consciousness hits, you immediately think about your list of things to do and almost instantly you want to crawl back under the blanket and go back to sleep, to dream, to imagine its the night before. Ever feel like this?

We don’t get this feeling because we don’t want to accomplish our goals, dreams or endeavors, but because sometimes it seems like there are so many things on our checklist, we feel smothered  and on top of that,  the list keeps growing.  Quite frankly, it can be overwhelming!!!

Skip down memory lane:

I remember when my son was younger and of course we had the task/chore list and I was the master of the whiteboard checklist, graphs, stickers you name it we had  the whole kit and kaboodle. What to do on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Tuesday evening, Tuesday when there was no school  etc….  You get the point.

I even thought by organizing the chart for my son and scheduling out dates when each task was due would help him.  But I now understand all of that only added to his frustration and the immense nagging feeling to want to shut down.  To him, even an organized list still appeared like a a lot of tasks with no end in sight.  (as an older adult I am learning more and more from my son and now I understand)

The point isn’t to create more stress for ourselves, nor do I believe the quest is to necessarily shorten the list, but instead, to manage it and not let it manage you. Fight FEAR as quickly as it rears it’s head. Don’t give in to False Evidence Appearing Real!! Because it is just that.  Be Strong!

Press On!

Let me first say, I go with the motto that says “as long as you have a list and you are checking things off and getting closer to achieving your goal, means at the very least, you have purpose, direction, goals, desires, passions, etc… You actually do more than just exist.

When we have the urge to quit, it’s just the fear inside of us telling us MAYBE  we can’t survive, MAYBE  we can’t do it, MAYBE we won’t be successful.  It’s fear that is misleading us and we have to do everything in our power to ignore that fear; to overpower that fear.  Our future, our lives and the lives of others we will touch depend on us.

So how do we manage this  “overwhelming”  feeling?

Where should one start?

One thing I can say for certain is, you can truly, only do one thing at a time.  Sure we can work on multiple things at one time, but in the end, multitasking is merely the act of finding something else to do to fill in filler time?  “Multitasking” isn’t all its cracked up to be. In the long run, it can be confusing and more detrimental to accomplishing a goal (but I’ll address multitasking in an entirely different article).  🙂

We hear all the time about executives and business owners taking time off to reevaluate their direction, to regain focus, to determine what is truly important.  Some come back and continue on where they left off, possibly with a new approach, and some move to completely different paths.  But quite a few say they found they lost themselves in “the List”, trying to do too many things at once.

I am learning to tackle this head on by working to complete one task at a time and equally to only display what really needs to be done on that day. Meaning, when I make my task list I only focus on today, not what has to be done tomorrow or the next day or next week.  By going with this approach, I think we can learn to be more single-focused on the immediate tasks at hand rather than being distracted with future TO DOs.  Advance knowledge is great for pre-planning long term but that’s not really great for day-to-day tasks and achieving a single goal.

Then have at it, check those things off your list and then go on to the next thing. Take the time to evaluate what needs to be on the list for the day and what is just filler and not really helping you reach your goal. Be okay checking your behavior habits etc… and set new ones to help you succeed. Then go back to that list of goals and PRESS ON!  Check off one thing at a time and stay focused on the true prize.

Remember if you are truly goal oriented you are never actually going to have a blank checklist.  There will always be something you want to do, want to achieve.

So go do it! 

Accomplish it!

Mark it off the list!


Just don’t Quit


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