Perspectives = Different


Is that true?

Well here’s my perspective….. 🙂

I personally love the idea of different perspectives. Perspectives offer a vast variety of thought, principles, morals, ways of life etc….

and what would we be without those variances?

What if we were all exactly the same?  What if we all looked exactly the same? …Talked exactly the same ? … Acted exactly the same ?  …Spoke exactly the same?

Would we be individuals or would that make us robots…?

What would we miss out on if we were all the same?

I often think about the impact of everyone being the same and how detrimental that would be. We wouldn’t have our different cultures, ways of life, inventions and creative thinking.  We would never have made it out of the Old Pleasantville so to speak.  Everything would be ‘black and white’. And who wants that…. there is so much beauty in being different.

Society, Institutions, Government sometimes confuses us and leads us to believe being different or thinking different is frowned upon, and we should all be the same. Thank goodness we are not the same. We are different, we think differently, act differently, look different. Even twins have slightly different features (somewhere) and they have different personalities.

It’s funny, I  join in on conversations on social media here and there or just follow and read comments and what is interesting is how so many people can look at the same exact meme or quote or video or picture and process it differently… The source of the discussion has not changed or been altered for each person responding.  So what causes the responses to be so different? What causes their lens to playback a different version than the next person.

Our Own Perspective…

That’s it folks….. the bonus is to be different so that we actually see things from a different perspective, evaluate things from a different perspective, make decisions from a different perspective. Imagine again if all decisions were based on one person’s perspective…. I’ll let that sit for a moment……

Actually, paying attention to ‘WHY’ people say things seems so much more important than ‘WHAT’ they actually say.  I learn so much from listening to the words, the responses of a person which then leads to more questions.  I want to know why they responded a certain way.  I want to understand them for who they are.  And that is what is so positive.  I don’t think there is always a black and white answer or response.  But there is always a reason for the response and that is the reason we should look at the perspective and what is driving it.

Even an animal reacts based on what it knows and has been taught especially from a survival standpoint.

What about movies and books.  The writer has a story they are trying to tell and so they write out their thoughts based on the perception they are viewing it from, right? Even then, we still interpret the meaning of lines and actions differently.

For example, the movie Bourne Legacy…. It’s an action film, right?  Well most of us see the plot as being about a guy trying to free himself from government bonds and physically being forced to fight to do so.  While there is also another perspective about the movie.  The underlying message could be about the programming and control of people by the government while they are vulnerable with the use of pharmaceutical controlled testing.  hmmmm….. Action film on the surface, but a story about control underneath.  What we see is based on our very own perspective and what we are willing to see. And our perspective is based on our experience.

Time for one of my infamous movie references:

“No one can teach you to see” is a line from the movie Avatar, stated by Neytiri when talking to Jack Sully.  He asked Neytiri to teach him to see through her eyes and that was her response.  I am a true believer in this.  No one can teach you to see.  The ability/desire to see is already in us or it is not.  We have to want to see and have the capacity to actually allow a different perspective in, in order to be taught.  What is also interesting to consider is the “Sky People” were designed to look like the Navi People… and even though they looked like them, they were not like them.  They did not automatically know how to survive or be them.  In the movie there is even a reference that stated the “Sky People can not be taught” and partly because they were not there to truly learn the ways authentically, but to learn for personal gain.  This single focus to gain for our own needs also disrupts the flow of information and how we perceive things….. but that is a topic for a different article. 🙂

All these intricate details are what makes each and everyone of us stand out and be different because we offer a whole different layer to a situation.  We can walk in and watch the same movie and each one of us will understand the movie from a whole different perspective.  We will glean something different than the person sitting next to us.  Why, because our vision, our view system, the way that we see things is different.  We were raised different, we have different personalities, emotional and logical cues. We are all tainted by something in our lives that has dictated which lens we see things through.  Some call it grey or rose colored glasses.  Whichever term is used, each one is different enough in dictating how we function on a daily basis and how external influences impact how we view things on a daily basis.

Are you open to other perspectives?

Are other cultural ways of life intriguing to you?

Encouraging and embracing different perspectives is the prize.  It is the doorway to new worlds.  It is what defines our cultures and makes us truly different, special, unique and intriguing.

Day in and day out experiences and situations show how important it is to be open to other perspectives. There often is no right or wrong answer.. or response nor does it mean we all agree.  Only that we encourage one another to care enough to understand what is beneath the surface, what caused someone to respond the way they did or talk the way the did.

And isn’t that what matters most…. Caring enough about one another to understand and be a blessing to that person, but even more so a blessing to one’s self.

What lens do you see through?

How different are you?


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