Personal Transformation- One move At A Time

Personal Transformation; One Move At A Time


Movement like positive thoughts can help you overcome your personal and physical challenges.  We often become accustomed to only act and move within a personal defined boundary. Many times we don’t challenge our thoughts and bodies past our limits, and  any request from others to do so, seems to immobilize us.

Once we become accustomed to little or no physical activity, it is challenging to move past our comfort zone. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Comfort Zone as: a place, situation, or level where someone feels confident and comfortable.

One reason may be because we feel silly our body doesn’t know how to move, and two because we may feel judged. There are some people who have endured accidents, illnesses and  physical limitations, who decided to overcome those limitations and took one movement at a time!

For example, 47 year old Arthur Boorman, veteran of the Gulf War who was a disabled for 15 years. Doctors told him  he would never be able to walk on his own.He decided to challenge the doctors and  began to make one move at time.  Ten months later he lost 147 lbs through yoga and today is able not only to walk, but even run!

Ronnie Brower age 30, weighed 675 lbs, he was morbidly obese, unemployed and unable to leave his house. He decided that he wanted to make a change. Because he could not leave his home he began his movement with a hand bike.  Soon he was  able to get up and sit back down on his chair without help. 700 days later he lost 425 lbs.

I personally have found movement to be the answer to better health, better physical shape, improved brain function and self confidence. As a fitness instructor who primarily focuses on Zumba and dance, I utilize movement to help people get out of their shell.

Many times we are so stuck in our comfort zone. The term, “stretch yourself past your comfort level,” is not only figurative, it’s literal. We don’t raise our hands past our head, shift our hips side to side, let alone do a sassy neck move or shoulder shimmy. It even has to do with speaking.  There is a comfort level to the volume of our voice.

I love it when I do a certain move and it’s the first time someone attends my class.  They feel strange, stiff, even embarrassed to try it. As they continue to attend class, I notice their change in energy, posture and self confidence. They begin to feel beautiful and energized. This is true for both men and women.

Movement has such a beautiful effect on one’s transformation. It doesn’t have to go from 0 to 100, it can be a slow but consistent effort. Begin with stretching, then add a form of cardio, brisk walking, bike riding, then move to the next level you are willing to overcome.  You will notice an improvement in your mood and energy level, which leads to improvement in your memory and coordination, and your overall health. You will  find yourself making healthier nutritional choices and may feel unstoppable because then your self- confidence will be limitless.  Take One Move At A Time!

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