PERB BOSSAfter experience and seeing so much pain throughout his life, he knew he could reach people experiencing hard times and struggle with his music, and felt God had a job for him to do.


We finally got a chance to holla at PERB Boss to talk about his career, the projects he’s been working on and what’s in store this year for his current and future fans!

UMM:  Where did you grow up?

PERB BOSS:   I grew up in Jackson Mississippi home of the KKK and them Country Boyz.

UMM:  What is your musical background?

PERB BOSS:   I’ve been doing music for 10 plus years now. Started as a kid with my kin folks spitting bars at the lunch table.

UMM:  How much of a factor did your childhood play in you becoming a Rap artist?

PERB BOSS:  A major part. Seeing so much struggle and pain, I knew my music could help a lot of people, not just the hood but period.

UMM:  You probably get asked this a lot.  Where did the name PERB BOSS come from?

PERB BOSS:  PERB BOSS (Professional Educated Real Businessmen) came from the word Superb. I felt everything I do, I have to be Superb at it, or get left behind. No one gives any handouts and I don’t expect them. So I have to do things as if I only had one chance to do it.

UMM:  Your music has a positive vibe to it and if you listen closely to the lyrics, one could learn something.  How would you describe your style and what are the main inspirations for the lyrics you write?

PERB BOSS:  Real & Edgy is the best way to describe my style. You never know what I’m going to say next. I only speak from experience and experience only. No bubble gum flows just giving it to the people straight. The world inspires me, “the human race itself” the struggle, politics, and proving to the youth that its more to life than dope.

UMM:  Musically, what are your biggest influences and who are your favorite musicians?

PERB BOSS:  Believe it or not, my biggest influences would have to be the blues/country genre period. My favorites are BB King, Al Green, Aretha Franklin, Mel Waters, Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks, just to name a few. Their music is from the heart and its real. Not all this “BULL” you hear now days in hip hop.

UMM:  Who have you collaborated with?  Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

PERB BOSS:   I’ve collaborated with quite  few artist. Wide Frame, GS Boyz, Vagus Red, Sipp Sumn, Coop Devile, Friday, Gollado, Renzo318, Fooly Wayne, and a whole lot more….. I would really like to collab with BB King though, that by itself is a dream come true for me.

UMM:  In what ways has the music you’re creating now changed from when you first started?

PERB BOSS:  I wouldn’t say its changed at all. From my very 1st Album PERBAHOLIC to the latest ALL Or Nothing. I know i’m digging deeper lyrically but still being an all around artist making music people can relate too.

UMM:  If you could turn back the hands of time, what (if anything) would you change?  What would you do differently?

PERB BOSS:  WOW! Damn!  Damn!  Damn!  I would say record all my music in one studio. That was my only mistake. Different engineers on a project is bad news.

UMM:  Where can our readers listen to and purchase your music?

PERB BOSS:  Everywhere. Google “PERB BOSS” and its there. I-tunes, Rhapsody, Music Net, Spotify,  Google Play, Xbox Live Music, U-heart Radio, I-heart radio, and almost every digital store.  Or you can go to WWW.PERBBOSS.COM the latest Album “All Or Nothing” is available online. Forever Grateful is coming soon TBA.

UMM:  What’s coming down the pipeline for PERB BOSS?

PERB BOSS:   I’m working on my 5th album. Forever Grateful coming soon, with some great feature artist. All I’m going to say is I will put it up against any Hip Hop /R & B artist album. My music speaks for itself. I don’t just get high and drunk and get in the booth. I’m going to give you good quality music that everyone can listen too.

UMM:  Thank you so much for letting our readers get an up close and personal look into who PERB BOSS is.  What advice could you give our readers who are looking to get into the business?

PERB BOSS:   It was my pleasure. More than anything know the business before you record any music. The game is about numbers and knowing…knowing…knowing the business. Every artist should purchase a book called “This Business of Music” any edition will do. Last thing is make music from the heart and be original, don’t follow anyone’s trends.

UMM:  Well you’ve heard it straight from the PERB “BOSS'” mouth!  We will be on the lookout for Forever Grateful.  If it’s anything like his other albums, I’m sure it’ll be a hit!

I leave you with PERB BOSS’ video to his new joint 2 Wheel City II feat. Doughboi.

Until next time…Love Self First…the rest will follow!

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