Happy New Year!!

New Beginnings….with a lil reflection…


Reflect on the new and old…

As we close out 2015 and get ready to welcome a NEW year,  most of us begin reflecting on the year in review.

Even television shows, news stations do it.  I even ran through a year in review on my radio show.

What were the most interesting moments, best movies, songs, events (humanitarian, weather) etc…. of 2015?
We immediately jump into the infamous…. I won’t say it….. RES……. You know what that is….

2015 END ….BEGIN 2016….

Well I want to end 2015 and start 2016 with some of Ali’s thoughts, sayings that have crossed my mind.

Not all have profound meaning, but in that moment in time they were perfect….

Many of these are things I will carry into 2016 and refer back to as reminder/guidance on what to and not to do.  🙂

You know what… maybe I will call it Ali’s Bible (not to replace the Holy one) but my personal experience book to live by.

(**most of these will be my own quotes I have created.  Others will be noted by the Author)


“Be Open….Open to Love….Open to Life” ~Ali

“Be Mindful of the future but not at the expense of the moment” Quigon  – Star Wars EP1

“Love yourself & love for others will be present. ”  I don’t think it is possible to truly love others when you do not love yourself fully. ~Ali

“Patience can be such a hard thing to embody….it forces us to be confident in our dreams, passions, beliefs, while believing we will make it/take it when the time is right.” ~Ali

“Hatred is deafening, blinding, hurtful and just plain draining….do not allow it to cloud your mind and be present in your life.”~Ali

That saying… “If you think it, you can be it” not sure who said that, but it is so true.  The only thing that can truly keep us from achieving something is if we quit.”~Ali

“We all need good people around us, no one can make it by themselves.” Even God made Adam a companion in Eve.  Find people who help you grow, encourage your growth, allow your growth.  Select people wisely.  Quantity is not the goal, Quality is.”~Ali

“There is no box…or spoon.” ~Ali… So get out there and explore it, dream it… Dream BIG!!!

“Don’t spend time trying to make unworthy people… Worthy” ~Ali

*Give your all…in life, work, dreams, relationships or don’t…..~Ali  “Do or do not, there is not try” ~Yoda – Star Wars EP5

*Nothing happens by mistake. You may think a situation is/was a mistake, but typically when things happen they are meant to happen that way in that moment. A lot of times we can’t see what is right in front of us, which might turn into the dream we want, because we are so busy wanting/waiting for something else.  Sometimes we need to throw out our play by play blueprint. ~Ali

*For those who are single and dating…..just because someone offers themselves, offers to take you out etc… doesn’t mean you have to accept.  You don’t have to do it to make people feel better either.  if you want to go out, go out.  Remember you are single, NOT desperate. ~Ali

“In solitude…I will be revived…” ~Ali

*When you realize there is yet another thing you are not good at and really do not have the time to do, but you either have to learn it or pay someone else to do it….it is a hard thing especially if you are a frugal, do it yourself person. This is a great opportunity to work on trusting others with tasks and practicing delegation. ~Ali

*Tend to what is important to you…period. If you do not, you will either lose it or have to repair it. Ex. I gutted and nursed my yard to a lush green healthy carpet from weeds and bug infestations.  The following year, I did not maintain it and in the span of 3-4 mos, it was dead and the weeds have taken over.  I now have to start all over….. ~Ali

*After a life of experiences I have learned…
It’s ok to hesitate before I speak, act, jump etc…
Sometimes a chance is worth taking…
Sometimes it’s better to turn around…
Whatever the choice…take a moment to contemplate…but not too long…
Because sometimes too much thought can be the very thing that hinders you from taking the proverbial leap!!
If it doesn’t work out..go again…
If it does…keep going….

“Sometimes being part of a buildup is far more rewarding than being part of something established and uncompromising.” ~Ali

“Any type of relationship relies on personality alignments of those involved…Check your alignment, its not just for cars…”~Ali

“Placing blame on others or oneself is just not attractive.” ~Ali

“I admit…sometimes, I do not know what I am doing…but I don’t let that stop me..I try it anyway and I handle constructive correction well. It’s easy… You don’t know if you can, if you don’t try.” ~Ali

*Always remember… you can be beautiful on the outside to some and quirky on the inside. That is what makes us unique and lovable.  Be You.~Ali

*Communication is so important. We all communicate differently & define things differently. Our personal experiences dictate a lot of that. Don’t completely disregard something until you know exactly what is meant/intent.. If its important, you will ask for clarity~Ali

*Elude to the mental…which makes us tingle, which then leads to the physical. The physical is non-existent without the mental.. (Sapiosexual) ~Ali

“Any situation can be un-ideal.We just have to determine, how “ideal” it needs to be to work for us.”  Sometimes what comes in the package is not exactly what we envisioned, expected or wanted…. Learning can be tough, but good in the end. ~Ali

“Talk with no thought/plan of resolution..is not just talk, it is useless energy. ” ~Ali

“When we are conscious enough to see we are finding fault with others for the very things we do…we owe it to ourselves to take a step back and evaluate…why…
(Who are we really upset with…)
Only thing we can truly ever control is ourselves…”~Ali

“Live in your passion, and when opportunities present themselves, take them. Waiting for the perfect moment or living based on a blueprint, can leave you wishing you’d done more…saw what you see now.”~Ali

and finally, I will leave you with this one….

“Love to Love…

Love to be in love…

Love to give love…

Love to BE love…

Love…” ~Ali



Make 2016 the Best year so far!!

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