Natural Flat Twist


How to create a natural flat twist hairstyle for an elegant look.


Shampoo and condition the hair first with the shampoo of your choice. There are lots of products out there that are designed for Alpha curly hair types.  Use the ones that work best for you. When choosing a shampoo and/or conditioner, please read the ingredients carefully before making your selection. Once the hair is cleansed and conditioned, apply a light (liquid form) natural based oil to your scalp such as coconut oil, olive oil etc., then massage the oil into your entire scalp. While the hair is still wet, part into four sections with a fine tooth comb. In order to provide less stress on the scalp for Alpha curly hair types, comb the hair shaft from tip to root. Detangle each section with a wide tooth comb from tip to root.  Repeat that process using a blow dryer.



Using a fine tooth comb, part and section the hair into your desired style. In this particular style, the middle section is scooped out and filled in with individual twist and the flat twist are styled into an updo around that for fullness in the middle. The hair doesn’t have to be super long for an updo style, however, the longer and thicker the hair the more fullness you achieve in the middle of the style.

Apply a small amount of non-alcoholic gel or non-petroleum based pomade to your finger tips and begin your flat twist.  At the edge of the hair line, using two sections of hair, cross the two sections of hair over each other while holding them up against the scalp without putting too much tension on the scalp. Flat twists and/or cornrows should not put a lot of tension on the scalp.  The tension should be placed on the twist or the braid. Using too much tension on the scalp can cause hair loss, hair thinning and hair line recession.


Once you get to the end of the flat twist, roll each section of hair between your index finger and your thumb in the same direction then cross them over each other in the opposite direction until you get to the tip.  Apply a small amount of non-alcoholic gel or non-petroleum based pomade and with a fine tooth comb, mock the curl pattern in the hair with a little twist.

image image

Once you’ve installed your twist, style your updo as you desired.


Finish your style by spraying the hair with a water conditioner mix to pop out the texture then apply a light oil sheen.


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