“More Than One Way From Point A to Point B”


Have you ever had a task to complete or place to get to and you want to just get it done or get to your destination?  And find as you get into that particular task, you have veered off the “well known” structured path or direction and you end up somewhere else??

What happened?  How did you get there? It seems unfamiliar. Your comfort level ALERT is BLARING, so what do you do?

Like Siri says…. Re-calculating route….we rethink it and come out of our comfort zone….so to speak.

Growth tends to come when there is discomfort… this is the Nature of Man…So don’t be discouraged if you get off track or find you are veering off path into an area you weren’t expecting…. into the unknown.  There’s always more than one way from Point A to Point B.

More than one way from Point A to Point B

More than one way from Point A to Point B – Don’t Give Up!!

~ Back in School we learned to look for the easiest or quickest path between 2 points. (Remember those infamous math questions?)  Sometimes the quickest and easiest path is also the path everyone else is taking.

Well…As we have grown and experienced life, I think we know sometimes the extra turns, unknowns, unexpected situations are needed to define who we truly are or are yet to become.

Make a choice to trudge on down the unknown path to newly found adventures, dreams and passions or turn around and find yourself with everyone else “just existing” on the road heavily traveled.

In the end, the goal to get to Point B is attained and in taking the unknown path you not only prove to yourself you can do something challenging, you also open the door to exploration, wonder and quite possibly your purpose.  Making those infamous “What ifs” a reality.

The path to greatness is not so narrow… narrow is actually a state of mind…

Stay faithful on your journey My Friends.

~ Ali



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