Mirror Mirror….


Well, WHAT do you see?

WHO do you see?

PhotoGrid_1440977880317This is you in raw form, before the feelings and emotions and transformation have time to rush in..

It’s just you…

Are you happy with what you see in raw form?…and by raw form I mean more than just the 3D reflection.  Do you like you and the representation of you?

When we walk away from that mirror, what happens???  Do we remain the same or do we change…

Is what we see out of sight, out of mind?  How does WHO we are change?

I remember when I was young back in the 70’s, 80’s, and while most of my time was spent being a kid & doing kid things, I remember the influences and imagery around me.  I remember the ideals presented to me in every facet of my life.

At home, we were reared by parents who ministered in the church.  OH YEAH, we were PK’s.  (That is a subject for a whole other article :))  Needless to say, that influence and expected behavior was imminent. Beyond immediate home life, there is the outside world.  The world we were exposed to in public school, just hanging around other kids and the big bad television. My point is, even back then, influences were strong. Little did we know we were being taught, reared, guided and influenced by so many external entities (our parents knew this of course).  All of these influences were slowly robbing us of who we are in our most natural state.

Back to the present…We go through life learning who to be…by external forces…things outside of ourselves.

Our parents regularly told us: be a good person, be fair, be loving, be smart, work hard, respect others, go to school, get good grades, love…yada yada…

In school, we are taught…WELL we are taught mostly to memorize and think like those before us. (this also is a topic for another article :))

In the streets (ie. back then it was the playground & school hallways), we were taught who was cool, if you fit in, if your clothes, house, car etc… were satisfactory. And your whole world was defined by these limited perspectives.

Sounds similar to the judgements we see all around us today, huh?

With all that influence beating down on us every moment of the day (especially with social media at our fingertips) do we even know when we start to lose sight of who we are??

While we change everyday, most change is great because it denotes growth through our experiences, observations, beliefs, perceptions.  But that change is usually a bit different than the change in losing oneself.  It is relative change.  Not the same as changing from who we are deep down, which is still our true core.   I am referencing our personality.  You know, the personality we hear referenced when we are kids by our parents, family etc. It is the essence of our actions and reactions, when no influence is present.  It is the quirkiness, stubbornness, serious, playful spirit that embodies us before we “learn” how to act or what to say and before we walk away from the mirror.

It is you!!!

The you you see in the mirror in the morning.

It is the you before the imagery, parental & societal influence.  It is the deep down inside you…(from which there is no escape). Is it the you even you can not hide from.

God did not make mistakes when he created each and everyone on of us uniquely and divinely in his image… Gen 1:26…Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness…” Who we are is who we are meant to be. The things we do or say are not necessarily who we are.  Sometimes that behavior is  just that…what we do or say.  It is not really the definition of who we are.  It is merely circumstantial.

So I ask again, when you look in the mirror what or who do you see?

When do our ideals change about our belief system, politics, education, moral values, preferences and even something as trivial as our looks?  When do we start functioning as someone else? Emulating someone else?  Where in this timeline of change do we find ourselves morphing into another creature…so much so that we don’t even recognize ourselves in the mirror anymore.

How do we alter that paradigm from happening?

How do we stay true to who we are divinely designed to be?

How do we indeed??

At all cost, BE YOU…in Spite of all the influences around you telling you what to aspire to be, what your life should be like, how you should feel or where you should be in life, or how you should look etc.

In Spite of all that…

Get up Everyday and look in the mirror and remember to BE YOU!

~Ali MBS

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