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From Ralph Lauren, Prada, to Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci…these are all brands that are synonymous with making fashionable bags, clothing and even accessories. However, these infamous designers have also been known for conveniently pairing men inspired looks with the closets of women across the globe. These looks are always firing up their runways especially this look below for Gucci for their Fall 2015 fashion. Incredible I must say!


Most of the inspiration from wearing neck designs sparked from many years ago where cravats were the most famous of all neck designs for men and worn daily with their attire. “A style of wearing the loosely tied necktie with the dangling end pinned to the breast became so popular in the early seventeenth century that women began wearing this necktie too, only in more lively colors than the men’s basic white.


Fast forward to today, there is an ongoing fashion statement of women taking a stand and wearing ties, scarves, bow ties, ascots and any other neck designs normally sported by men.  Women of today are creatively adding neck designs to their everyday attire be it corporate, funky, sexy, or causal. If you are tired of the mundane corporate/casual everyday attire this is a great accessory to add to any look for women to step up their game and take their look to an entirely new level.

I am totally infatuated with the whole neck design fashion and have been for some time (20 years to be exact). I have specifically loved to wear scarves, ties and bowties. This paired with my newly discovered sewing talent has inspired me to use my creativity to design my own line of handmade neck designs currently featuring bows and bowties. Check out my new line of neck designs inspired by the love of mens fashion, My BowCHIC Boutique “where neck designs separate you from the crowd.”

These are truly fashion forward designs coupled with a bit of creativity, love and passion.










Check out more designs at My BowCHIC boutique.

Be sure to check out this Pinterest board “MAN UP” to get more creative ideas and inspiration on how to style your mens inspired neckwear.

“Man Up” and tell us how you create your looks with men inspired neck designs.

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