Love is forever reaching, seeking the one who is willing to receive it.  In the deepest part of everyone on earth, there is a desire to be loved, to once again feel the comfort and peace that love brings.

That feeling you get when you’re given a gift, or an award by your peers or on your wedding day, you feel a touch of love as you have come know it.

Love moves with a single purpose, that is to impart the embodiment of itself unto the world.  True Love towards another requires that you know and understand that, in doing so, (loving another) is the most selfless thing you will ever do. Why I say this you ask?  True love does not require it (meaning love) to be loved back.

When you say you love someone, you love them. If you truly love them, then that’s how you feel. Don’t have this great expectation for them to love you just because you feel or say you love them.

It is this expectation of them loving you in the manner in which you love them that may cause you stress and pain.

Love does not have any requirements, timelines or any special conditions. To truly feel and know what love really is and to walk in absolute bliss, love the one your heart tells you to.

If the one you love learns or has this understanding, he or she will walk in the power of love side by side with you.

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