Limit Your Shopping Overload


The calendar year has come full circle and now it’s for where everyone to do their Holiday Shopping or not! This is the time (before Christmas) where retailers ‘claim’ that discounts on their clothing are the lowest ever. Hmmmm, somehow I beg to differ. I truly believe the best buys are after Christmas when retailers are literally trying to move out the older items and prepare for the Spring.


There are many people that invest so much money into shoes, clothes and other stuff for themselves, their children, and other loved ones. I totally believe in making people happy during this holiday season. However, its so much more thoughtful when you are not overloaded with thoughts and feelings of having to buy so much ‘stuff’ during this season.

Here are 6 tips to ensure that you limit your shopping overload!

1. Buy gifts that you truly believe that someone could use.

If your cousin loves Starbucks coffee maybe buying her a gift card to have her favorite coffee during this season would make her eyes light up. However, if buying sheets be sure you know what will add to her color scheme.

2. Stop buying tons of toys without cleaning out the old ones first.


If buying toys for little ones be sure that you first declutter out old toys from your ‘entire house’ before buying more stuff that will also be all over the house. Buy things only that you think will add to their personalities and growing little minds. And don’t just let them stand there looking cute, allow these little people to help with the clean up! Those 500+ piece lego sets can be overwhelming for us all! LOL!

3. Buy your significant others ONLY things that they need or would truly love.


If you’ve been married for any length of time you may feel that you truly know what item your partner could use in their wardrobe. However, if you don’t just ASK or better yet hint around. Making this a habit will keep you from buying items that are NEVER worn or even looked at for that matter. Although my husband and I know our style and can always shop for one another we still will hint around to see what may be priority on our “lists”. Always always consider the wish list!

4. Give gift cards for Secret Santa gifts

Although I am appreciative of gifts I receive during this time I feel that if you DO NOT know the person (very well) that you picked out of the box for your secret santa at work please do not buy them a pair of gloves that are too small not the right color and truly not their style. I know the gift can be taken back but why not just give them a gift card so that they can get whatever they choose to purchase. Maybe go over the agreed amount by $5-10, that will definitely satisfy your little souls.

5. Feel free to shop for YOU when you are shopping for others.

If in fact you find some amazing buys for you while shopping for others (because I do ALL the time) please please please be sure that you have performed a closet check so as to not be investing in something you DONT’ NEED! Why continue to purchase items that you do not need just because its less.
woman in front of closet

6. Be nice and thoughtful when you are shopping.

There was a video that I saw over this past Black Friday on social media. It was two women of different nationalities literally fighting over a steamer. There was also a child (belonging to one of the women) in the video that was caught directly in the middle of all of this mayhem.
Ultimately, lets make this shopping season peaceful and stress free. Keep it filled with the patience, joy, beauty and love.

Hopefully the tips above will help you to invest wisely, not overspend and be sure to double check by asking yourself is this an emotional purchase or a necessity purchase. If you keep these ideas in mind when you are shopping you WILL NOT have shoppers remorse. Start off your 2016 knowing that you did not overload yourself with an excessive amount of bills that takes you to your next December Shopping season to pay off.



Love is what’s in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen.

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