Let’s Eat Local!!!


Do you know where your produce comes from?  OR how long it has been in transit before it made it to your grocer and then to your table?
These are some important questions to ask…

Why buy & eat Local?
It is becoming increasingly difficult to trace produce to the growers now a days.
We do know the life cycle of non GMO’d fruits and vegetables can be defined by how long it takes to rot.  Depending on the type of fruit or vegetable we typically can tell when we have GMO or NON- GM, but that is for another topic.
What’s important is knowing the basic life cycle of what you consume because this helps you determine where it came from or even how long it traveled to get to you.

  • We want FRESH food, RIGHT? And not only fresh, but fruits and vegetables that are harvested at the proper time and not before they reach maturity.  If they are harvested before they reach maturity you run the risk of missing ALL the wonderful nutrients and isn’t that the whole purpose for eating healthy to begin with?
  • Get to know your local Farmers
    • Volunteer during planting and harvesting on the farms
      • learn proper cultivation
      • what pairs well with each other
      • you get to eat what you grow
    • Learn what to Grow and When to grow it
      • Find out from the locals what is in season and what grows best in your area
Where can you go to eat some Local Grown produce in the Dallas Area?
(here are a few I personally recommend)
  • Farmers Markets ( Growers only is typically what I prefer)
    • White Rock Local Market (3 locations)
      • visit – for locations and times
    • Four Seasons Market (2 locations)
      • visit – for locations and times
    • Edens Organic Garden
      • visit – for location and times
  • Local Stores around Dallas that sell Local Farmers produce
    • Cotton’s Produce Market
      • 4200 Bdwy Blvd, Garland, TX
    • HerbMart
    • Green Grocer Dallas
    • Central Market
    • WinCo Foods
    • Sprouts
    • Other local grocers (Check for signs in the produce isle.  They typically state if it is organic and grown locally.)
Also when you go out to eat in Dallas, check out for restaurants that buy produce from local farmers.
I hope you enjoyed these tips and try some local markets close to you.
Let me know where you go and if you’d refer them to others.
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