It’s Time To Face-Off Those Lips!


Spring is here and color is in the air.  Pucker up ladies!  It’s time for those lips to blossom.  Fifty shades of reds, corals, fuchsia, and plums awaits you. lipsThis spring, soft eyes with bold matte lips will be that daytime look for everyone.  If you’re headed to the board room, enter with that sleek gray business suit.  But make sure they see those red hot lips coming first that says “I’m in charge and you will see the words coming out of my mouth.”  Or maybe before you run those errands, after dropping the kids off to school, you will apply a beautiful rich coral to your lips that exudes a positive and confident attitude.  Whatever your daytime agenda consists of, just make sure those lips are in full bloom with a color that fits your personality.  And for those whose day carries over into the nightlife, just add gloss to the color you’re wearing and you are on your way.

Some of you have a favorite line of cosmetics that you prefer, so I encourage you to experiment and embrace all of the beautiful bright colors that’s available for us this spring.  If you need a cosmetic line to start with, I suggest my personal favorite MAC Cosmetics.  They have a huge variety of colors as well as long wearing lipstick for those who, like myself, wish not to reapply too often.

So put on your bold and brightest lips, and Face-Off!

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