YES, YES, YES YALL!!!!  It’s a guarantee that everyone in the world can feel my happiness and readiness for football season to return. In just a few more days when we will all be blessed with the Saturday morning picks from Lee Corso on ESPN and the famous theme songs of ESPN College Football, NFL on CBS, NFL on Fox, Sunday Night Football on NBC and the infamous Monday Night Football on ESPN. The sounds of the bands and the halftime shows gets one in the mood in the college circuit.
In the college circuit, we all know what is top news. For the few that doesn’t know, it’s the dilemma that Coach Urban Meyer has with the quarterback situation with the defending national champions Ohio State Buckeyes. What happened with them is something that a person can see only once in a lifetime with being successful with three quarterbacks. So with Braxton Miller’s arm still not fully healed, it would come down to JT Barrett (who was injured after Braxton Miller) or Cardale Jones, who finished the season with winning the Big Ten Conference championship games and both national semifinal and championship games. Staying in the Big Ten is the other top-leading story with Jim Harbaugh returning to his alma-mater University of Michigan Wolverines. It will be a tough task taking over a tough situation, but he has proven that it already with his previous stints at Stanford and in the NFL with the San Francisco 49ers.
There are nine rule changes coming into this season in college football. There are none that are very major. But one that caught my eye is where a 15-yard unsportsmanlike foul will be called on players who push and pull opponents off piles. Fumbles are an examples. It is certain that this was implemented for preventive purposes. This could get taken some getting used to by the players as they do it to protect their teammates.
Now to the NFL, it is unfortunate about the Tom Brady situation with being suspended for the first four games with the deflate gate case. The decision was recently upheld and now it’s being taken to further channels to get the suspension removed or reduced. Well Tom Brady, “GOOD LUCK TO YOU” is all I can say. Other news in the NFL were the recent signing of Dez Bryant to the Dallas Cowboys and how they will progress in their running game without DeMarco Murray. Well if their offensive line can block like they did last season in the running game, anyone can go through those holes. And I do mean ANYONE!!!! Another intriguing item of interest is how will the Seattle Seahawks will respond to the bad coaching that caused them to lose the Super Bowl last season at the end. This is currently with Kam Chancellor holding out wanting more money. Another item of interest is how Peyton Manning will progress this season, after hints of retirement after losing to his former team in the playoffs last season. And the last item of interest is the Arizona Cardinals hiring a female Jen Welter to their coaching staff. This is happening after a female official and mother of three being hired onto the officiating staff back in April in the person of Sarah Thomas.
Speaking of officiating, the most talked about play was the Dez Bryant non-catch that caused the Dallas Cowboys to have their season to end in Green Bay. The rule states that a player must maintain full control of the ball until after his initial contact with the ground, whether it is in the field of play or out of bounds. So there we have it, NO CATCH! Of course, there are rule changes. But the major rule change involves the PAT. Snap for kick from the 15-yard line or do the 2-point attempts from the 2-yard line. This rule passed 30-2. This will be very interesting to say the least, which will basically eliminate the fake PAT attempts!!


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