It’s NOT Alright!


The other day I posted my thoughts and read the thoughts of several people expressing their disdain for the rioters and looters that ran through the streets of Baltimore the night before. Even Ray Lewis posted a video expressing his rage over what they were doing to his city. I appreciate the emotional reaction to what we all saw through media broadcast of the situation and some actually saw in person because they live in and around the city of Baltimore. I am also very disheartened by the destruction of a neighborhood in Baltimore, a poor and under-served neighborhood in the black community. I too swelled up with emotion for the loss of property that showed promise and hope for elderly and impoverished people that live in the shadow of Washington DC.

It also made me think of how this looks so much like April 1968 and I reflected on the things I remember my parents telling me at that time. I remember them telling me that as a young black boy I wouldn’t be treated the same as young white boys. They told me to be careful in the streets, that not only was it dangerous to encounter bad black people in the streets but it was dangerous to be stopped on the streets by bad white cops. You see, then it was common for white police officers to stop black people on the streets and take them for a ride, beat them, torture them and drop them off or maybe not ever bring them back. America has seen what happened during the 60’s and America became outraged by all of the scenes….the riots and the police brutality.

My question now is why are so many people expressing their rage about the rioting but not the police brutality? Why are people not constantly being interviewed on TV and asked about how those police officers transported Freddie Gray? Why are they not expressing the same emotion about the fact that while he was in their custody he suffered a severed spine and crushed throat. Where is the anger, why aren’t they being called thugs and criminals? I saw people applauding the mother who disciplined her boy in front of the media and I do applaud her also but why haven’t those police officers received any discipline, or have they? I thought about my son and the sons and daughters of my friends and relatives. They make stupid mistakes as we all have, especially as children and young adults, and deserve appropriate disciple. What if Freddie Gray had been my son or your son, your daughter, your neighbor, your neighbors child? Would you be outraged? Wouldn’t you expect some answers, someone to be accountable?

I have heard people say, these kids have no discipline, they wear their pants sagging, they listen to that rap music and show no respect for authority. And to some degree I agree that some of them are guilty of some or all of that, but is that deserving of the death penalty? Do they deserve to be brutalized by the same police that are sworn to protect and serve? In this country we all are expected to live by the law, even the police and if you don’t you have the right to a “fair” trial. Your trial cannot be in the back of a police van, or at the end of a police revolver. If we are going to be alright with the police making arrest, then being the prosecutor, judge, jury and executor then what are we not alright with?

I am not saying that the rioting is alright, they should be prosecuted but so should those police officers. But we all know that rarely happens.

Just think about what if your child or friend was Freddie Gray, Michael Brown and numerous others?…

Just my thoughts…….
If you need a visual watch the March 5 episode of scandal


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