Is your style hiding in a treasure chest?


Ever see individuals that are so fashionably dressed? They have so much style that you can’t help but compliment them. You may say something like, “I love your look” or how did you put that together?  However, some of you can relate to seeing those people walking past or even giving them a blank stare, pretty much like that look of a deer in headlights. Sometimes it’s a love/hate relationship with people who can express their style freely with or without the good or bad opinion of others.  They just don’t care!  These people are no different from you, they are just expressing more of their faith and confidence when it comes to fashion and  their own style. They are not in bondage from what society says looks and feels right based on the runways of the world.  So I ask you, are you prepared to release the hidden style in your treasure chest?


Here’s how you can begin…

  • Decrease and Release from your wardrobe at least 3 times a year.  Get rid of clothes that you are still trying to fit in.  Yes, I know you are probably saying, “My goal is to lose 5 sizes and fit into those jeans that I wore in college.”  NOT gonna happen! Yeah I said it.  Lose the items that you haven’t worn in at least two years. I know we hold on to some things that we feel are gonna make that 365 turn and come back around on the fashion scene.  But some of the items you are holding on to trust me will never return!  Sorry if I stepped on some toes.  Donate those items to thrift, try to sell them to a consignment store or find a shelter badly in need of donations.  Release it and Let it Go! Get out of Flintstone land and step into the fashion scene of 2015!
  • Do not try to keep up with the latest and greatest trends EVERY season.  This concept of getting dressed can have you feeling a bit overwhelmed and anxious each time you step into your closet.  Those who try to fit in with every upcoming trend find themselves having to shop all the time when they already have tons of clothes in their closet. I have clients that say to me I’m going to an event and having nothing to wear and they have more clothes than me in their closet some still with brand new tags.  Whew, what would closets say if they could speak.  Now don’t get me wrong I would love to shop all the time but it’s definitely not necessary when you have a wardrobe of amazing pieces that always “stand out” no matter what the trend is.


  • Create a personal style/vision board.  This board will be based on fashionable looks that you may find attractive from Style magazines that you read or celebrity style crushes. I know we all have plenty we admire. Unfortunately, that advice for some is good and others well not so good. Some of these celebrities need to release their own hidden style!  As  for magazines I would highly recommend Vogue, InStyle and Lucky for women.  For men, I  would recommend GQ, Men’s Style and Style Men magazines.  And these suggestions are not necessarily gender specific.  No matter what your gender is, you still have a need, want and desire to express your own style freely and you very well should.  Oh and if you are an online fanatic, join Pinterest and create some colorful fashion/style boards. You can keep those boards private as well.  As you create your board(s), look for pieces that you would feel comfortable in and also fashionable looks that you would love to wear and gain the confidence to “rock”. Once your boards are created, look for those pieces in your closet. I’m sure you’ll be amazed at how much you already have. Some examples of those items would be blazers, white shirts, a staple black pump/shoe, jeans, and a LBD (little black dress) for women. Most of us are typically wearing only 20% of the clothes found in our closet.


After you have followed the steps above you are only at the beginning of releasing your hidden style of treasures. I say only the beginning because getting out of your comfort zone is a day-to-day process. You must work to develop your own style like anything new that you work to accomplish in life.  However, you will find yourself at a totally new level of feeling the freedom that comes with expressing your own “authentic style”. Then maybe, just maybe you will find people staring and trying to find out how the heck you put your fashionable looks together.  And when they stare, just know that you are not weird…you have just released your hidden style in your treasure chest, amped up your look, and feel free to express at a higher level. One that makes you “stand out” in your crowd.

Enjoy and share with us the answer to the question below…whats your style

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