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Do you ever walk around your city and see the most amazing style on people you’ve ever seen? If so, maybe your city tops the list as being one of the most fashionable in the world. If not, your city perhaps didn’t make the cut! I sought out various lists from back in 2014 and beyond. Each list varied slightly with New York, Rome and Paris always being at the top tier of fashion. I live in Chicago and knew beforehand that my city is definitely not in the top tier. Although there are a few artistic/fashionable people in Chicago, the “street fashion” is definitely not one to be desired. I truly am in love with the city I was born and raised in. However, walking downtown you may notice about 1 out of 10 fashionably focused individuals. Now that wasn’t researched its my own statistic. If you travel in Chicago to areas like Hyde Park and to the further north areas of Wicker/Lincoln Park you may be able to spot a few more fashionable folks. Unfortunately, those in the downtown area are not making huge fashion statements. No! I’m not downplaying my lovely city of the Chi, I’m just expressing it how I see it. And remember everyone’s fashion sense is definitely different.

I’ve traveled to lots of cities and I truly believe that NYC makes the cut when it comes to fashion. On the lists that I researched, it has pretty much ranked right beside Paris and more popular spots in Italy.


Paris, Rome, Milan and other cities throughout Europe are definitely on the top of most lists. Although I visited Paris as child, my goal is to experience their amazing shopping experience from resale to retail.
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A few years ago I came across this article entitled “Europeans dress better than Americans“. It gave some great insight and feedback on why other countries, especially Europe, is ahead of the US on most fashion fronts. I could completely relate to the article when I read it. Although I didn’t agree with it 100%, there were definitely some great facts to consider and compare.

Here is the list of “Top 10 fashionable cities in the world“. Keep in mind that NYC, Paris and Rome tend to switch between the number 1 and 2 spots every year.

1. New York City
2. Rome, Italy
3. Paris, France
4. Milan, Italy
5. London, England
6. Los Angeles, California
7. Tokyo Japan
8. Las Vegas, NV
9. Berlin, Germany
10.Barcelona, Spain.

I was a little surprised at a few of these US cities even being on the list, particularly Las Vegas, Nevada. Oh well maybe that’s because so many fashionable tourists visit.

Below is the list of fashionable cities in the US.
1. New York
2. LA
3. San Francisco
4. Dallas
5. Miami
6. Philadelphia
7. Boston
8. Nashville
9. Columbus
13.Washington, DC
14.Irvine, CA
15.Las Vegas, NV

Click HERE for additional insight on a fashionable comparisons between Europeans and Americans and why they seem to be more stylish.

Did your city make the fashion cut? If not, how will you put them on the fashion map?

A fashion that does not reach the streets is not a fashion.

Coco Chanel


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