It….is Enough..


Is there enough for everyone?

Do we have to have everything?

What is enough? What is everything? When did enough become NOT good Enough?

…..There is enough…isn’t there?

 What is “Enough”? an Idea, Action, Belief???

“Enough” embodies so much and the shear concept drops in rank when we started competing for everything.  And well… we’ve been doin that since Cain & Abel.

In every aspect of life, we are bombarded with competitive imagery and lessons that convince us there is NOT enough and then antagonize us in subtle ways to go fight for more….

We have sports, school rankings, job promotions, business ventures & clients/customers, material things (cars, homes clothes), relationships, social media (ie. who can get the most likes or followers)  and the list goes on.

We are a society built on competition. NOW don’t get me wrong.  There is nothing wrong with healthy competition. You know… the kind you have with siblings, friends, family, and even peers; like who makes it to the car first when running through the parking lot; who can get all the words on the word search first; tug o war; finishing daily work tasks to help others.  The kind of competition which is actually more about “Push and Pull”.

This is where we push each other to the next level by driving each other to fulfill our own greatness and pull each other up when we know the other can do better or is so close to achieving a goal.  We want to win, to achieve the goal, but we do it with love. We revel in each others victories rather than pounce or try to sabotage one anothers success.

There is an inherent need to be first, be better and do it almost in rhythm with kicking our fellow brother down. Without so much as turning around to check if our peers, friends, family are ok.

And yes, I get it…. many times our experiences dictate behavior and how or why we fight and compete amongst each other.  These experiences are why we hold so tightly to things, accomplishments or goals and ideals as if  that is all there is. As, if we share, someone will steal, our glory…..our success…..

If we look back at this society we live in…. yes….. it is one of competition.  We live in the great land where if you can create wealth, you can have wealth. That very concept creates a paradigm of fear of scarcity and a strong need to compete.

Trust…there are situations when we need to compete and covet things, hold things near to us for security sake, but that should not be the norm.  We should resort less to the desire to cling and hold on if we choose to function in LOVE rather than out of Fear of Scarcity. In doing so, we lessen the need to compete with one another.

Fear of scarcity is when we covet things out of fear of losing it.

Fear of Scarcity leads to unhealthy competition which then leads us to believe there is not enough of something…..which leads us down the infamous rabbit hole…..

A  few statistics for you from

There are over 7 billion people in the world and 196 independent countries and of those 196 countries there are 142 that make up 99% of the population and 96% of Global GDP along with a high prosperity index.

I share that information to say this…..

There is more than enough to go around.   There are more than enough jobs, sports awards, school rankings, partners, houses, cars, vacations, trends, people, Money etc….. IF we move out of predefined silos and rules about what we should be doing or should have done.

The real trial, competion, or plight is within ourselves. To find value in what is truly important and understand sometimes the actual competition is in what we do or how we are willing to evolve to achieve a goal.  Be mindful, this may mean finding a new career, or moving to a new location, dating differently, or trying that “thing” that is nowhere on our plan.  Heck, it may even mean throwing our “your plan”…

….all that to discover the real goal is to hone our energies to create a path that may not have been walked or many may not understand, but positions us for great achievements WITHOUT competing with one another, out of trained FEAR….

What will you do to have enough? To be enough?

and to do it without FEAR…..

~Ali MBS

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