Is That Salmon??

Is that Salmon!


Let me show you how to build the perfect salmon sandwich which is a great light alternative to all the heavy holiday eating that is awaiting us…

I know, I said it!!! The eating has already begun, I’m sure..

and some of you are already looking miserable…

Lets balance those heavy meals with hearty and filling healthy, lighter choices…

Where to begin….

Start with hardboiling a range free, organic fed chicken egg.. Yes, look for eggs with all of that.  Part of eating healthy is eating clean.. Which means less processed food with less/no harsh chemicals. -Should take about 20mins

While that egg is boiling let’s cook/bake salmon or salmon burger (seasoned with crushed peppercorn & Celtic salt to taste)-

*if using stove top, takes 8- 10 mins tops on med. Cook 6 mins one side and flip.. Pull off heat immediately. You want the salmon to be moist and flaky. *I use a stove top grill.

*if you bake, put in glass dish and wrap in aluminum foil to maintain moisture. Bake at °350 for 15 mins.

Next the assembly:

I use Eziekiel sprouted tortillas cut in equal pieces (toast lightly)

*Add organic kale on tortillas

*Add sliced cherry tomato

*Cut salmon in half and put on top

*next add cranberry stilton cheese crumbles or thin slices.. This adds an amazing flavor of slightly sweet and tangy

*slice hard boiled egg and place on top of cheese

Affix tortilla on top And enjoy ☺

Is that Salmon?

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