Fruit infused water!

Infuse w/a Twist!!


Lifestyle changes are always the best because we get to see our hard work over time and get to glory in the fact that we stuck with it!!!

So lately, I have been asked about detox recipes a lot.  I tend to start very simple especially if you are just starting off.

First question I ask is, are you drinking water daily…?

That is the best place to start… Drink 1/2 your body weight in water ounces daily.

Timing of when that water is consumed is also important.  Mainly in morning as soon as you wake (so keep it on the night stand), before each meal (should be at least 6 per day) to help curb appetite and prepare digestion  system for food. Finally again before bed to aid in cleansing and your body naturally detoxifies while you sleep so the water helps flush the system.

Another simple detox water is warm water with real lemon juice, cinnamon and/or cayenne and brown rice syrup, coconut sugar or honey. ( the sugar/sweetener you use is important to this process as well.)  you want to ensure you are monitoring/eliminating processed foods.  ie. purge.

Once you are drinking water regularly switch it up and add fruit to your water.  This is an awesome way to modify your water, without adding calories or artificial (incl natural flavors) to your water. An you can eat the fruit afterwards.

Fruit infused water!

*TIP – I buy fresh fruit and freeze it for occasions such as these.

include pomegrante seeds, mango, pineapple, blueberries, rasberries, black berries. (add benefits.

or make a citrus only blend which includes sliced oranges, grapefurit, limes and lemons.  put this in distilled water and sit in the window sill. you don’t have to add any sweetner as it will naturally sweeten itself.  Tastes so good and it is cleansing with every drink.


So after all of that detoxifying adults may want to add a little twist…. 🙂

Hoow about a detox twister???

Add: a white pinot grigio, reisling or moscato or a sweet red or blush to the mix and walla you have a water based drink infused with fruit and a nice wine of your choice.  The water helps so you are balancing the alcohol intake while getting an adult drink in the process.
What an awesome way to bring in the New Year!!!

Detox with a Twist!!

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