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Earnest Hemingway

It has usually been my experience that a single cocktail consumed daily, anytime of day, is an essential requirement for sanity.  For those that imbibe, a cocktail can turn a lackluster day into one of discovery and revitalization.  Last year I started a new project, sufficed to say I am happy and grateful to be a part of the organization, but the training was boring and death by powerpoint was imminent.  What made everything copacetic was the bar located in the downstairs lobby of the hotel.  Now, this bar was nothing to brag about, it was not the famous Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans that houses the famed carousel bar.  This was just an ordinary, nothing special watering hole, adequately placed for hotel guest to spend money on expensive drinks–you get the picture.  Every day at lunch and dinner, my small group of co-workers and I pranced down the grand staircase and into the bar with our peep-toe booties making that distinct tap on the tiled floor. Most of my small crew orders their fave; jack and coke, margarita and so on. I am difficult. As a foodie and an avid connoisseur of cocktails, I peruse the menu, tenaciously looking for something different.  The Hemmingway Cocktail (note the spelling) at the Sheraton Galleria hotel in Dallas, TX is now a favorite of mine and makes my list of cocktail must haves.  Aptly named, The Hemmingway, not to be confused with the original Hemingway daiquiri, is somewhat of a newer kin with a great flavor, but packs a real punch after about two. It is a sleeper cocktail, one that sneaks up on you when you least expect it. Yet, I must add that you can still function while at work with this concoction; it will give you just enough pep to not pop out.  With Vodka starring in the lead role, the addition of fresh grapefruit juice could substitute as at least one serving of fruit, if you are into nutrition.  As I pen this article I am now working on my second Hemmingway, while not two sheets to the wind yet, I am pretty tipsy.  The hotel is pleasant and so is the bar, which made our stay a nice one.  In retrospect, training that week was tolerable made possible by this exhilarating and tasty cocktail that will not disappoint.

*Mixing note: make certain that your bartender knows you drink, often.  This is helpful information when he/she is mixing your refreshment.The Hemmingway


The Hemmingway

5 counts of Grey Goose Vodka
1-2 ounces of Fresh Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice (to taste)
4 counts of Simple Syrup
Cocktail Sugar for the rim

In a shaker filled with ice, pour all ingrediants into shaker, and shake to a time step, not a waltz, until ice cold.  Slice a wedge of grapefruit and kiss the rim of your glass.

Dip rim of glass in sugar. Pour over ice and serve.


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