What is Fear? We have grown up in a world where we are taught to be many things…One of these is known as Fear.

There is a Fear of being alone, heights, flying, dying, wanting to start a business, etc.

WHY? Why are we afraid? We are afraid and operate in Fear because we were programmed to react like this from birth. We then grow up in a society that continues to reinforce our “fear knowledge”.

Fear is cause by you having the wrong perception of things. It is how you perceive a thing that will shape your perception of what you are faced with. So, how do you become FEARLESS?

First you must realize that Fear doesn’t exist. WOW…REALLY? Yes…really. Fear is an illusion. You have to seek the true essence of life because it is there you will find great understanding about life’s many challenges.

You must not design your life’s goals around thoughts of failure brought on by fear. Be bold in your approach toward your goals and maintain a highly positive image of yourself.

Nothing can stop you

when you walk in your strength

and not in fear.

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