Embrace Your Black Beauty


Natural Hair Care Professionals have been servicing the natural hair care industry for many years. Within the past 20 years, the industry has grown and changed greatly, especially with the likes of social media. In this great time of change, many consumers are transitioning from chemically treated hairstyles into natural hairstyles. Social media has been instrumental in capturing a large audience of African Americans at a very fast pace with this conversation. Social media has so many suggestions about product usage based on the category of your hair texture and type. Ethnic hair types are very unique, and developing categories for how curly or straight the hair shaft is does not help you to understand your hair or which products to use to provide the best care. The porosity level (the hair’s ability to absorb moisture) and density (how closely hair strands grow on your head) of your hair is how you determine which products are best for the care of your hair. The first step to determining hair density and porosity is embracing your own unique skein.

I would like to encourage us to do away with this hair categorizing system. The purpose of it is supposed to help you identify with your hair type but it really doesn’t give you enough information about your hair in order for you to do that. Also, it offers poison to the mind by putting Alpha curly hair types on the bottom of the totem pole and straight hair types at the top. So, as you embrace this chart as an Alpha curly hair type you are right back on the bottom. This whole movement was created to heighten your self-esteem and help you become aware of how beautiful you actually are. Charts of this nature do not encourage the heightening of self-esteem in any way. This is a very personal journey you will have to discover with yourself.

Embracing yourself, your hair, and your beautiful YOU is really what this movement is about. It may seem to many as though this movement is something new, but it is well over 30 years old. Natural Hair Care professionals have made it their mission in this business to heighten the self-esteem of African American women and men and set our own standards of what is beautiful. These pioneers have been very busy over the past 30 years developing products for natural ethnic hair textures, creating and developing new natural styling techniques, and setting trends all in the name of setting standards for Black Beauty.

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