Be Grateful

Be Grateful


You’ve heard it before……Our parents said it, our elders said it, they said it in church, schools etc…

Be grateful..

For all the little things and the big things..  especially for the things we take for granted on a daily basis.

Are we?

I mean…grateful..

I remember back when there was a time when we would express gratefulness and give thanks for everything. Small things, simple things like someone saying thank you to you or for someone opening a door.  It seems we have lost sight of acknowledging gratefulness in this day and time. And we seem to take so much for granted.

We say thank you for our life, health and strength and those are pretty important considering the things that we deal with with all the diseases and other issues.

What about those seemingly small things we probably take for granted???

Like….. clean water to drink and keep our bodies functioning, oxygen to breath, plants and trees to create that oxygen amongst other things,  education (meaning basic reading/writing/math), our senses to see, hear, touch, smell and taste (if we are blessed to have them) our limbs (if we are blessed to have them), our parents (whether biological or not) , our family (whether chosen or not), our friends, the sun to wake us, the moon to light our path in darkens. And what about less tangible things like Love, heartbreaks, mistakes and challenges.  We should even be grateful for those.  Without them we would not be who we are today.

We all have different experiences with each, some better than others, but they are all blessings none the less. I look back at my experiences and while I wish some things had not happened as they did, I learned from them and they shaped me.  The outcome of our experiences has less to do with the experience itself and more to do with how we respond to it.

Recently, I had the pleasure of finding out about a volunteer group in Dallas called Rest Eazy Feeding the Homeless, which was founded by Jeff Polk and Angela Polk.  this is a Mother and Son team which put together this great program to serve the disenfranchised right here in downtown Dallas.

Every week on Sunday this group goes out to provide food and clothing to people.  It has grown tremendously from when they started and many people join in weekly to support.  I got an opportunity to participate on Nov 22nd and will participate often.  I will say, I never knew these areas existed so first it brought awareness about areas right here under my nose.  Second, it was so humbling.  Everyone I encountered was very grateful and kind.  Some people seemed to want to chat with us.  We laughed and I learned a bit about a few of them, like how they ended up in the situation they are in.  The looming comment from each of them was… be grateful… for what you have.  Sometimes you don’t know what is happening until it is too late.

That got me to thinking…. While I attempt to live frugal because I just am frugal, there is still so much I take for granted.  and I am sure I like most people don’t realize what I take for granted until I don’t have it and even then it might be superficial things.  Ie. cell phones, heat, water to bathe, deodorant, socks, ladies toiletries, blankets, safe shelter etc….  I say superficial, because I have a job and can purchase what i need.  It is a whole other thing when you need necessities and you can not get them because you do not have the means.  Don’t get me wrong, I have struggled before and have gone without, but I am grateful I can say I came out of that time on a positive side.  And I continue to move in a positive direction that allows me to be a blessing to others.

The other thing I thought about was who would I turn to if I lost everything and I can say I have resources to go to… but what if I did not.  Yet another thing I took for granted.

Thank goodness for friends, family, outreach programs & opportunities to be as great as we can challenge ourselves to be. Imagine, if we did not have any of this….just close your eyes and imagine it……  it’s actually very scary…

All these things are blessings and I am so very GRATEFUL.

So if you get a chance, go out and pay it forward to someone, as my friend would say BABE – Be a Blessing Everyday.

Remember what you take for granted someone else may be praying for….

If you live in DFW area and are free on Sundays at 3:30pm – join Rest Eazy Feeding the Homeless at Corsicana and St. Paul and help hand out clothes and food.  Feel free to bring clothes, blankets, coats, shoes, socks, toiletries, food etc…

There are also other volunteer opportunities year round. Check these out

Salvation Army locations – serve meals

VNA – Meals on Wheels –

Reading Partners –

Minnie’s food Pantry –

North Texas Food Bank –

Dallas Ramp & Texas Ramp Project

Also check out for volunteer groups






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  1. OonFufu Afrodisiak Kendall

    Wonderful message!!! I truly believe that actively seeking things to be grateful for and appreciate brings balance into your life…..every aspect of it(mentally, physically, spiritually). I believe it will also bring balance back to this planet once it’s widely practiced. The mad scramble for ‘things’ to ‘complete’ us and rushing about to acquire them is the source of so much disharmony. Gratitude is the antidote. Thank you for writing this timely message.


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