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Finding your calling doesn’t have a specific time frame, it happens when it’s the right time for YOU. Hula Hooping instructor and owner of aRoundJoy, Geri McNiece, a former theater actress and Jazz, Tap and Ballet dancer, like many mothers focused her joy on being a loving wife and mother of two, for 30 years. Being a parent wasn’t an easy role, her oldest son was diagnosed with ADHD and her younger son was diagnosed with Autism, a challenge she accepted with love and laughter creating joyous memories.

It wasn’t until McNiece was 47 years old that she found her purpose that would contribute Joy back to the world. After her children were grown and moved out, she then had free time, she wanted to feel alive and moving as well as to get back in shape. One day while watching TV she found her passion for hooping, as a beautiful woman demonstrated hula hooping and explained the benefits.

McNiece was instantly hooked and immediately set her intention to learn the hula hooping skill. Luckily she and her husband had a planned trip to California, where the Hula Hooping certification took place. If you saw McNiece hooping today, you would believe that hooping always came naturally to her.  On the contrary, she practiced her skill before going public with it. She would record herself, as she practiced teaching and improved each time. This way of practice helped her build her confidence as an instructor in person and on camera. This allowed her to incorporate her online training in her business! Students can purchase video packages to practice privately and then are able to meet her in person to hone the hooping skill. Her preferred description of the services she offers is that she provides an experience towards physical and emotional wellness through the joy of hooping. Her instruction style is hoop dancing.

When you see McNiece hooping you become in awe as she adds attitude, flare and you are able to see how the dancer…performer in her comes to life. She gets the audience excited and motivated to move.

For McNiece, hooping allows adults to play. She believes adults get so caught up being worried, stressed and forget how to let go. “Everyone loves to play, no matter how old they are, whether they admit it or not, AND we are NEVER, ever TOO OLD to take a break for some RECESS!” she stated in her blog post We’re Never Too Old for Recess. She has students of all ages, including students 88 years of age. For her, hooping is the medium to help people relax and enjoy life.  She recommends people hula hoop about 30 minutes in intervals of 10-15 minutes throughout the day. Not only waist hooping, she suggests that any time the hoop is being held, it means it’s hoop time, which means to use your arms, dance with it…work it!

As people come in different sizes, so do hoop sizes, and Geri is fully equipped to fill the hoop size requirements. She makes her own hoops and has different sizes, colors, and some that even light up. For beginners, bigger and slightly heavier hoops are the best.  Once you’re more experienced, a smaller hoop can be incorporated. Smaller hoops are best for arm workout and tricks.

What are the benefits of Hula Hooping you ask? It is a full body workout!

The benefits are as follows:

  1. Core workout– As your body is doing a rotation to keep the hoop in motion, you receive a cardiovascular workout and full body workout, strengthening and toning your abs, arms and legs all at the same time.
  2. Calorie burn– You can burn up to 300 – 400 calories in 45 minutes. It is best if broken into 10-15 minute sessions throughout the day.
  3. Coordination Improvement- This will also benefit your brain and hand / eye coordination, challenging your brain and eye coordination all at the same time helping your balance!
  4. JOY- Spending time hooping gives joy, it helps you release stress and allow yourself to let go and play.

According to Geri, hula hooping helps individuals make wiser food choices because it requires the use of the belly. Hooping becomes a lifestyle. She compares it to life by stating that the hula hoop gives you back the energy you give it. Like life, “You push it and it responds to you,” she says.

Take some time this week to play! Grab a hula hoop and relieve stress. You can always visit her website at to view her video tutorials.

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