2015 Sports Year in Review


As we come to the end of this 2015 year, it’s time to take a look back at top stories month-by-month. With that being said, it can be said that this has been a very interesting year in sports. Let’s take a look:

JANUARY: The 2015 NCAA College Football made its return with the college football playoff system in its second season. That is having the top four teams playing with two semi-final matchups in major bowl games. When the dust settled, Jerry Jones’s house was the host for this historical event with the matchup with the Ohio State University Buckeyes defeating the Oregon Ducks 42-20. This game was very special with Ohio State winning with its third starting quarterback of the season due to injury by the name of Cardele Jones. This has taught the world in any sport is to be ready when your name is called as coaches have been using this analogy. It helps having the rushing ability of Ezekiel Elliott that made the quarterback transition easy opening up the passing game for Jones.  
FEBRUARY: “I’m just here so I won’t get fined! I’m just here so I won’t get fined! I’m just here so I won’t get fined! I’m just here so I won’t get fined!” Ok now, yall know where I am heading! It’s the Super Bowl XLIX with Seattle Seahawks and New England Patroits! Who can ever forget Marshawn Lynch’s pregame interviewing! Now to the game and let’s fast forward to the end of the game, Coach Pete Carroll should’ve been fined for not giving the ball to Beast Mode at the end to score the winning touchdown. Instead, Coach Carroll put his trust in his quarterback Russell Wilson, but Malcolm Butler had none of it sniffing out on the quick slant! Tom Brady was so very appreciative that he gave Mr. Butler his Super Bowl MVP Chevy truck.This was one of the best finishes in Super Bowl history. 
MARCH: As a resident of Oklahoma City and native, the news of the month was what happened here toward the end of the month. That is when the Thunder announced the Kevin Durant would be out for the remainder of the season with his Jones fracture injury. It was a blow to the city as it led to the Thunder missing the playoffs for the first time since the inagural 2008-09 season. Now onto rehab for this huge season leading up to his free agency. 
APRIL: The NCAA Final Four was one of the best in a long time. It started off when the previously undefeated Kentucky were ousted in the semi-finals by the Wisconsin University Badgers. It unfortunately led to postgame mumblings in the interviewing session by one of the Harrison twins with “F— that N—-a!” in reference to Frank Kaminsky. Now onto the the championship game between Wisconsin and Duke, Wisconsin controlled majority of the game. But big plays by freshmen point guard Tyus Jones and an unlikely source from Grayson Allen. When a team is coached by the legendary Coach K, you can NEVER EVER count his teams out as this turn out to be Duke’s fifth national championship.
MAY: This year’s NFL Draft was an interesting starting at the top. The big debate was who was going to be the top pick between Jameis Winston from Florida State and Marcus Mariota from Oregon. Coming out on top was Jameis Winston with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Neither of the quarterbacks were able to turn around their respective teams that included Marcus Mariota’s first coach of the Tennessee Titans getting fired mid-season. But stealing this rookie class is Todd Gurley from Georgia with the St. Louis Rams. He is having a record-breaking year and was just selected to the Pro Bowl. Unless something crazy happens, look fo him to win the Rookie of the Year Award!
JUNE: After a 40-year hiatus from winning the NBA championship, the Golden State Warriors found their way back to the top behind ‘The Splash Brothers” being league MVP Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. Their run to the championship was very impressive that included defeating a depleted Cleveland Cavaliers’ team without Kevin Love for the whole series and Kyrie Irving after the first game. This was truly a team effort in where an unlikely source Andre Iguodala winning The Finals MVP honors. But the real star of this series was not anyone on the Warriors’ team, it was Stephen Curry’s daughter Riley assisting her father with his post-game interviews. How can we forget that?! So as we are over a quarter past this season, they are already on a strong push to a repeat season!
JULY: With basketball and football season not taking place during this month, it was hard finding a top headline for this month. But what came to mind immediately afterwards was USA winning the Fifa Womens’ World Cup behind MVP Carli Lloyd! This seemed at the time real huge as it was all over all types of media. Who knews that this sport/event was so huge for someone as myself who doesn’t follow it.
AUGUST: After having the worst year of his track career dealing with some injuries, Usain Bolt makes his return back into the spotlight with after destroying Justin Gatlin in the 2015 World Championships. In the process, he had fastest time of the year in 19.55 seconds in the process to win the 200m. This goes to show one his determination and his will to not give up. This is a lesson that everyone needs to apply to their lives in making this world a better place!
SEPTEMBER: CAN YOU SAY FOOTBALL?! AGAIN, CAN YOU SAY FOOTBALL?! As the football season begins, the top stories in this month were the injuries to Dez Bryant and Tony Romo with the Dallas Cowboys. This led to the demise of this season with going on a big losing streak without them.
OCTOBER: I haven’t forgotten about those who are baseball fans. The Kansas City Royals came out on top of the World Series after a 30 year hiatus behind the MVP performance of catcher Salvador Perez. The only thing missing from the team George Brett charging the umpire after the pine-tar incident! lol
NOVEMBER: KOBE, KOBE, KOBE!!! Well, it’s official as Michael Jordan’s replacement with the torch Kobe Bryant made it official that he will be retiring after the end of this season after 20 seasons in the NBA with the Los Angeles Lakers. We all knew that this time would come sooner or later. Being almost a month after his announcement, it still seems surreal. The NBA will survive without him, but I’m sure that it will seem different starting next season when he is not playing. Kobe Bryant, we salute you and thank you for coming into our lives doing what you have done!
DECEMBER: As college football season is winding down and preparing for the bowl seasons, the top four have been selected for the college football playoffs. It’s Oklahoma and Clemson in one semifinal matchup and Alabama and Michigan State in the other. With that being said, BOOMER SOONER!!! Yes, I can say this as this is MY ARTICLE!!!! 🙂
Everyone, please have a wonderful and blessed holiday seasons and a prosperous new year! God bless!

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